Birks Cafe: Happy afternoon tea time!

Birks Cafe: Happy afternoon tea time!

My good friend suggested to try Birks Cafe’s afternoon tea menu for a good catch up time. What a wonderful choice!

Indeed, Birks Cafe is situated inside of Birks, the home of millions of diamonds. But don’t be intimidated. I was dressed very casually and my service wasn’t affected at all. Actually, I think this is a place can be an excuse where you can pull out your flowery dress and act like an elite. Think of…gossip girl.

Birks Cafe has a pre-set high tea menu, where the only choice we had was the tea.

Price wise (about 26$), is typical for this kind of meal. Is it worth it? Think of high tea as an experience, and not merely a dainty meal.


A quick snapshot of our meal. Sadly, it isn’t displayed on a tiered dish. Yes, we girls think this matters a lot. Tiered dish is essential for tea time.


Little round sandwich cut. So cute! My favorite would be the smoke salmon. Nothing could go wrong with smoke salmon!


The sandwich was surprisingly extremely delicious! Every bits were intricately filled with flavours!


We also had scones which are not pictured here. They were very buttery and almost the perfect texture. I think it was missing just a slight touch of moisture. I loved it so much that I emptied the jam to spread on my scones!

The chocolates were filled with caramel sel. Not really my kind of flavors…but i like how the chocolate instantly melt inside my mouth.

The macarons were the most disappointing macarons I’ve tasted (excluding the macarons I actually tried to bake…). They were overly sweet and the flavors were not what I would like.


Unfortunately, the last tubes were not good at all. I sincerely think is because we took too much time eating and talking that when we came to eat these, they became all warm and melted, losing their original texture.

Warning to not take too much time? Then again…that’s the whole point of tea time… Although I think the price is justifiable, it is still a luxurious meal that it’s only appreciated when it’s done seldom.


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