Broadway Cheesecake – Just fancy varieties…

Broadway Cheesecake sure looks exciting! So many cheese cake flavors to choose from! From Margarita to Creme brule cheesecake! Doesn’t that intrigue you already?

Well…let me help you save a few calories. They only sound and look interesting. The flavor itself…really nothing amazing.

I chose creme brule and tt tastes like 90% creamcheese. Just pure sweetness and barely any creme brule flavor.

For about 7$ a piece, I rather go to La Fontana or La Premiere Moisson. ( or even Cheesecake Factory!! If they only have it in Montreal sigh ).They cost about the same and taste100x better.

Another drawback is that they don’t always serve all the cheesecake flavor shown in their website. It’s limited what they have on display at their counter….

One good thing i can think about is that this place opens till pretty late, like midnight. So those late dessert cravers like me can enjoy some sweeet food at late hours!

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Written by zuuchini

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  • Cyn says:

    duuuuude, the best cheese cake IN THE WORLD, that made me like cheesecake (because i didnt like cheese cake for the longest time) is from a small cafe in St Anne de Bellevue (so it’s quite far) called Twiggs. BEST CHEESECAKE FOR LIFE. not too sweet, not too plain, and it has real strawberries… yum soooo soooo good. I propose you go there in the summer, because there is a beautiful boardwalk by the river in St Anne de Bellevue, and you can take a stroll, stop for cheesecake, and there are lots of cafe/restaurant on the waterfront. Perfect for the summer! 🙂

  • Zuuchini says:

    Now you tell me when it’s no longer winter! 🙁 I shall go next summer!

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