2010 Most used/favorites

Like many other blogs have done, I decided to look back at 2010 and see what are the products i often go to. They are not necessarily my favorites (just for the sake of finishing the damn product).

Mac Lightfall
This eyeshadow appears on Mac quad Shadowy Lady. It is like one of the most unpigmented eyeshadow out there. No matter how much I put, it barely shows up. The reason I use it as my eyebrow highlight, is because I just want to finish the product. lol it’s annoying me how i’m using it daily and it hasn’t hit pan yet!!

Mac Ground Brown
This is a sort-like a healthy slightly moisturized soil for inside plant color. haha or a better sound descrption, a rich chocolate brown. It’s perfect to warm up and deepen any eye look by applying on the outer corner of the eyes. It really goes well with any eyeshadow, cool or warm.

Mac Creme de Cup

This is my go to lipstick all the time! It flatters any look and can be worn at the office.It’s just a basic pink color to have for those that have the same skintone as me.

Nars Laguna
My only bronzer! and yet I have no urge to look for anywhere else, at least not until i finish it. It is really capable of faking a tan skin. It adds layers of warmth without problem, all while not looking overly fake. The shimmers in this bronzer is very subtle and barely noticeable when applied.

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Whenever I want some precise and dark defining eyeliner, I always use Dolly Wink’s liquid eyeliner. Its tip is so fine. I can easily grasp the control and also it is my first liquid eyeliner and I do not find it difficult to use. Its staying power is great. It’s easy to remove too by a makeup remover! And the best of it, I can draw very thin lines as well as thick ones.

Nars Orgasm
Nowadays, I often heard how Nars Orgasm is a overrated blush. But at least to me personally, Nars Orgasm really does wonder to my cheeks! It is so far the most flattering blush i own. It gives a very healthy glow in summer and in winter! When I’m tan during summer, the little shimmer in the blush and the whole coral and pinkish color it adds complete my whole bronzed look! While during winter, my pale/ lacking of color on my face is “revived” by adding a hint of this blush on the cheeks.

Nars Copacabana
I purchased this item when a makeup artist highly recommended to me. But when I saw the price, it kinda pushed me back a bit. But it’s ok! Now it has become my go-to highlight item! Plus, it does a carry quite some amount of  product inside this item – it barely shows any sign of usage. Not to mention, the texture is so creamy!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

I have owned the well known Koji eyelash curler previously before my Shu Uemura’s one. But I still prefer Shu Uemura’s curler that much more. I think it’s the feel of it that is better. Undoubtedly, Koji’s one takes much less effort to press and does give great definition to the lashes. But Shu Uemura is still my personal favorite for some odd reason.

And as for 2011, my beauty resolution should be, try to stick with what I have. Use what I have. Finish what I have before purchasing new things. 🙂

Let’s all start and live 2011! And listening to this song, it’s a great start!

Happy New Year!

My first Jill Stuart item: Mix blush compact 09 little bouquet

Any girly girl would fall in love with Jill Stuart cosmetics. Their packaging is so adorable! The only factor that would make anyone to resist purchasing their products would be their price. They are slightly pricey. But items such as the mix blush compact are reasonably priced as they come with very soft brush that is very travel friendly.

I am overly excited with my first Jill Stuart item! It is the Mix blush compact 09 little bouquet that one of the fellow blogger suggested to have as a first blush from this brand. No regret at all! 😀

This particular blush has 4 colors that you can create different combination. The colors themselves differ greatly, therefore this blush gives great variety of colors:

– pale light pink (easily used as a highligher)
– tangerine
– coral
– bubblegum pink

Honestly, I don’t think I would have purchased any blush if this was my first blush because this holds all the blush colors that I go for. They aren’t glittery/shimmery either!! If I’m not wrong, they are matte (maybe contains a few grain of shimmers that is unnoticeable). This compact colors are in the pigmented side although the pictures may illustrate otherwise as the colors are washed out.

How can I forget to mention the brush that comes along with the compact! The size is a bit small but does not cause any trouble in the application. Very soft like other reviews from other bloggers have stated already. The only concern that I have is I’m afraid the rust or any malfunctions will appear after a few washes. 

This is an extremely good item when I have to decide which blush to bring with me on a trip when I want to bring as little as possible. It will solve my dilemma! 😀

09 Little Bouquet


Nars Rajasthan

Yes, I’m a little Nars fan. Most of my stash is Nars…What can I say? Nars is decently priced (yes they are expensive but it’s a bit more reasonable than Chanel) and have intriguing colors!

My recent item that is added to my Nars family is Eyeshadow Duo Nars Rajasthan. It is from the Fall 2010 collection. Apparently… it is limited edition but rumor has it that it might become permanent.

Note: My sis bought it for me from her Seattle trip. 😀 Cheaper to buy it in USA than in Canada! Thanks sis!!

People think that it is a weird combination. I have to disagree. I don’t see how it is. The first time I looked at like “wow gorgeous combo!” Obviously, can I say it’s one of a kind? Sadly no, I realized after having it in possession that I have eyeshadows that can easily achieve the same effects. It may not look 100% the same, but within a distance (assuming people will not stare at your eyes for 5 minutes a few millimeters away from your face), people cannot exactly see the difference.

Despite of its lack of uniqueness if I may say, I still love it very dearly. Its less than 10% of difference makes it that much special. Haha. Somehow, it emits some kind of attraction.

The quality of the eyeshadow is constant of what Nars usually offers. This means good pigmentation and stands true to the color it appears on the pan. Like all other duos, this will last a very loooooooong time. I still can’t figure out how people can hit pan! I long for the day I do!

One thing I did notice is that the packaging is different! What? It is the exact packaging! Nope. I can guarantee that. It may look the same but the touch of the packaging is different. It is much sleeker than the old packaging. As you all may know, many complaints about the Nars packaging is that the rubber feel attracts lots of dust/dirt. Well, with this new material, it is slightly less rubber feel and hence, will not get dirty as quickly. What I’m trying to say is that the surface of the packaging feels much more smoother.

Nars Rajasthan 
Day light

With flash
Flash with my hand . lol fail

The dark side is very deep navy blue. Almost black with slight tone of blue.
With flash
so far is happy with every Nars product she has!<3

OPI: Catch the Garter

Catch the Garter is a sheer light pink. Perfect for french nails or simple a boost of pinkish color on your natural nails. It is meant to be not overly opaque. I’m fine with its coverage. Two coats are enough to achieve these results:


Review: DiorShow Black Out Waterproof mascara

So after a good 6 months of usage of Dior Show Black Out, I can finally give a honest review on it. Ok some people throw their mascara away like 3 months after. But the indication on the mascara says it’s good for 6 months. So of course, I’ve used it to the limit shelf life! I mean it did cost a lot right?

It was everything I wanted in a mascara. Lengthening and volumizing.It makes my barely existent lashes to be more noticeable. If I add an extra layer, it gives that much more definition. It’s a very true black. If you have long lashes, I think this mascara may be a bit too dramatic for office wear.

The only thing that I really hate about it, it’s so hard to remove the mascara! I have to scrub for so long with my cleansing oil. This only reassures that it’s really waterproof. I mean many mascaras have this problem too…

In the end, is it really worth that price tag? Hmm…I just recently tried Oreal Voluminous mascara, after hearing it’s a dupe of Dior Show. And I have to admit that it’s very good also. Plus, it’s much more easier to remove. So i guess…I can find something just as good at a much cheaper price. But I feel so much more happy and appreciate it that much more when I use my Dior Show. haha. It’s like a luxurious thing.

Well…I gotta say goodbye to my diorshow….So sad. Maybe i’ll just keep it just for a bit more. LOL.