My NYX round lipsticks

I’m not a daily lipstick user. I tend to always forget to wear it. But i like to experiment and try out colors. Since I was checking out for lashes and needed 40$ for free shipping, I wander off to the lipstick section. I didn’t wanna buy 10 pairs and more of eyelashes!! Plus, the lipsticks were like 2$. What a bargain. Best way to experiment.

So i got a total of 7 lipsticks through some swatches from google. That’s the down side of shopping makeup online. Unless you go to a store in person to check out the color, there is no way of telling how the swatches are accurate. So, I just kinda trust the swatches (plus the skin tone makes a huge difference too!) and my instinct as well too. hahaha. Oh and sorry, NYX isn’t available around my area. If they are, it’s a TINY display.

So on to the swatches of my 7 lipsticks I got….
Left to right
3-Indian Pink:
4-Pumpkin Pie:
6-Strawberry Milk:

Overall review:
Like i said, I’m not a big lipstick wearer so I may not be a total expert here. These lipsticks are very smooth and moisturizing. They don’t dry out your lips. They tend to be oily…when i first opened them, they all had this oily shine on the actual lipsticks. Like literally, they had a tiny layer of oil as least that’s how they looked like to me. But once applied on the lips, this oily shine doesn’t appear. They are well pigmented. When I swatched it on my arm, I can’t even remove the stains with soap. hmmm, surely will budge with makeup remover. And of course, when i eat, it doesn’t stay on the lips! Which lipsticks do anyways? (yeah those crazy “permanent” lipsticks, that last for 7 hours or so). Personally,  I prefer a lipstick that doesn’t last that long. Plus, it’s very unlikely that I’ll finish it, so applying frequently will help. 
And….what is there to lose? It’s 2$!! (more and less, in my mind it’s 2$). It’s a great alternative to try many colors to see which colors suit you the best. Personally, I don’t like trying lipsticks from the counters, even if they clean them off for me. I don’t trust them hahaha. 

So any regrets? Well… be honest, I don’t really like half of them on my lips. The colors are too strong. It’s ok, i just wanted to try it out. I thought Doll would be a bright red, but unfortunately, it’s more like a deep cherry red. I thought Herdes and Milan would be my favorite and as it turns out, they are my least favorite of these 7.
Indian Pink and Pumpkin Pie would be my favorite out of these as they are more the colors that i would normally wear. 
Strawberry Milk and Narcissus are just for fun! I wanted to see how I looked like with barbie color lipsticks. Well, results tell me that I look like a “BUN BUN” more than a Barbie doll. “Bun Bun” is how Hong Kong people call Malaysian/Filipino maids. No racist connotation intended!! I had a great laugh and even tried to put on my mom and my sis. It was hysterical. We were like 3 bun buns! My mom looking like the best since she has the darkest skin among us and my sis looking like the least bun bun cuz she has such fair skin. So….strawberry milk isn’t for me! I even tried to wear it to local fast food restaurant, i reassure you all eyes were on me. LOL. it was that bad. I guess it’s good if you want attention, not the good kind though ;p However, the main thing I love about strawberry milk is that I can mix with other lipsticks and tone down the intensity of color. So Strawberry milk washes out the original lipstick applied. The effects are amazing! So i’m treasuring Strawberry milk! 
As for Narcissus, I just wanted to try it since so many girls posted about it in their blogs. I wanted to see how it looked like on my lips! I want to wear it during when i’m all tan! Just like hyori lee in her You go girl MV. Of course, I won’t be looking half as good as her. But we shall see the results!

Just before i end this post, i wanna share my stupidity. I bought Misha BB cream a while ago and even blogged how it broke me out. Well, i was jealous how other girls could wear it and achieve amazing results. Plus i didn’t want to waste my tube. Don’t want to buy it for nothing! How bad could it be right? I mean my skin probably got used to the product after that. So i retried…..and omg….REGRETS!! My clear skin quickly became bumpy skin!! My skin even itched the day i applied it after 2 hours. And the next few days, all the reaction was shown on my face….

Lesson: Do not put stuff on your face when you already know it causes pimples.


Sending back the love… 
Yumeko: Haha yeah he’s male alright. But old though. I thought of sticking my name on top of my head. haha
Shop N’ Chomp: I love his smile in the video hehehe. Lucky or not lucky for me, so far, all the students said stuff that are related to the subject.
freshelle: I had a class with participation marks before. and the professor took it very seriously…I got 0 out of 10%…..that means i could have gotten 3 grades higher easily…That’s why I am not messing up this time!! I SHALL TALK.
ning * star: cuz professors think it’s a good way to motivate the students to speak in class….
Zoe: Lucky girl ;p. thanks for commenting on my blog too. 

Thanks for all the comments <3

Review: Dior palette

A few posts back, I said I got some goodies too guilty to share…Well, the guilt is not over yet…But i mean it’s already been 3 weeks i have them now. They are hidden in my drawer…used once. lol.

I GOT 2 DIOR PALETTES!! There, i said it. -____-

I wanted Dior palettes over a year now! Always hesitating. But Pharmaprix’s promotion really enticed me to get them! 15x points when you spend 75$ and more. So, i got 2 palettes! haha yes, i was crazy but i told myself, i’mma get them eventually, so why not just get it now and get it over with!

The Palettes:

Petal Shine



Swatch in daylight

Tropical Light



Swatch in daylight


To be honest, the pricing is not that expensive when I think about. We might all think “wo. 56$ for one thing?” But, if you go buy 5 mac eyeshadow, it will cost more (if we are talking about the 17$ eyeshadow, in CDN currency).

A dior palette comes with 5 shades. 5 extremely nice shades with all sitting together in the palette. They look so nice together in the palette that I had to purchase it. Note, i did say nice together IN THE PALETTE! Once they are applied on my eyes, they are a bit too shimmery on the eyes for my taste. But I know if i don’t purchase them, i’ll always tempt to buy it. So i had to just get over my craving. Shimmery, but they indeed very creamy. They glides on the eyes very smoothly. Very blendable. But once applied on the eyes, i can barely tell the color difference. They all looked the same. There are 2 shades that are almost the same color once applied on the skin. This is especially true for the 2 lightest color on the palette.

They are definitely nice colors. But if you are like that dont like excessive shimmers on your eyes, you should avoid this or try to pair with some matte eyeshadows. It’s simply a nice palette to have cuz the colors look so pretty together in the palette! I just couldn’t resist. And i thought the pouch the comes with the palette is kinda cheap…I think they could have done a much better job on the cutting. The sponge applicators are very handy! They do a really good job actually, they pick up much more than brushes. So use their sponge if you want more pigmentation.

I don’t think I’ll buy any dior palette anytime soon. Unless another palette appeals to me again. Their palettes seem to have repetitive shades. For example, the petal shine pink is kinda the same pink from the tropical light. Many shades are subtly different. You can even tell the difference once applied on the eyes. So, it is not worth the money to buy another palette when you are really getting 2 new shades off from every new palette.

I need to use them more often. That’s my verdict for now!


The next serie of gradation nails!

I bought this very unique color nail polish in Macau. So i thought it’s light enough to do gradation nails!

I used the exactly technique as my first pink ones. Link is here (How to)

I’ve been loving this song ever since I watched a family outing episode!


Review: Nars concealer

Nars concealer is my first concealer and i think i have my lifetime concealer already! hahaha

Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections.
-Crease proof, lightweight and creamy texture
-Enriched with Vitamin E
-Can also be used as an eyeshadow base
-In a lipstick-like tube for easy application

I can’t describe better than what the site says! Oh and it also has 6 different shades. Its coverage is very buildable and does not make your skin looking dry! Ever since i bought this, i’ve been addicted to it! I’ve been putting it everyday i go out! cuz it simply makes my skin looks so much flawless than it already is. (did that sentence sound a bit arrogant? hmmm…lol)Plus, it contains Vitamin E! WHAT IS BETTER THAN THAT?! If you did not know yet, Vitamin E gives anti-aging effects! It helps the skin look younger, meaning less fine lines and wrinkles! (Side note, it’s always GOOD to buy lotion that has Vitamin E, said the doctor in Oprah show LOL whatever his name is haha). So, you can put this concealer as much as you want ;p

Here’s the concealer on my hand (the shade Custard):

When smudged…

The blemishes on my skin…

FOR ONCE, i wished i had more appearant redness spots to show how good the concealer is…

GONE! DISAPPEARED! VANISHED! or…camouflaged…haha

Since i’ve been watching loads of “Family Outing” (korean variety show, very funny), i got their disease of stupidity….

So joke of the day is…

kurt says:
hun do you like french food?
Me gustas tu says:
they serve it so tiny
kurt says:
but do you like it!
Me gustas tu says:
i like french fries….does it consider as a french dish?
kurt says:
that’s something an american would say


Nars aqua gel hydrator review + update

I love this! It’s definitely very moisturizing! This thing hydrates way better than my daily cream…i mean it’s like 20x times more expensive too…lol.

My skin feels so much softer~ after a harsh winter in Canada, my skin can be sometimes damaged in some part. After this using this 2 times, the damaged parts are almost fully recovered. THAT QUICK! not exaggerating at all!

The MUA recommended this product as he is too very in love with it. And he said that to every customer he’d recommended, they all came back for MORE!

You only need a very tipsy bit of this gel! Do not rub it into your skin as it is very concentrated. Gently pat onto your face and let it set! That simple!

In canada, it’s really expensive…115$+ taxes. If i go check the NARS site, it’s 76 US$. Even if you convert it to CDN (1.2), it doesn’t add up to 115…WHY IS THERE SUCH A DIFFERENCE? maybe from the shipment to canada and such…and border taxes…urgh.

Is it worth it? To be honest, with a tight budget, no it is not. If you have stable job and living quite comfortably without any financial problems, yes it is!

You can live without this product. Simply use cream such as Aveeno, Olay, Jergens, Vaseline can be enough. They might not be as effective, but hey…at least it’s way more affordable and still moisturizes the skin!

Today at work, it was my supervisor’s birthday so we dined out! We tried out a new chinese restuarant. WHAT A GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT. THE FOOD WAS NOT CHINESE!! more like americanized version of chinese food.

urgh…i hate those…”general tao chicken” “sweet spare ribs”…it was just not good. way too sweet. To be honest, the rice was the only thing that was decent enough. All my co-workers lost their appetite. haha~ *little note, we’re all chinese too LOL*

UPDATE: Work-out and such…
Well i did exercise! And i’m just starting to show some results (cuz i can feel it lOL)…i have not updated my weight because…i’m just so ashamed…i want to lose weight but i gained weight instead.

My sis said cuz i gained muscles…But i don’t see any was 114 right? well it jumped to 118, then to 116, now it’s like 115 i think? Hopefully…i can at least go back to 111, which is my original weight before my boyfriend came to visit and feed me with poutine. haha~

24 days left~