Mac Fluidline Review

I searched for my perfect eyeliner for like years. The very first eyeliner i purshed is Rimmel Kohl. It smudges like crazy. Last summer, I almost bought one from Lise Watier but the sale representant suggested Lancome instead. The price looks very nice fo his sales! A freaking 28$ eyeliner that doesn’t even meet my only criteria:NO SMUDGE! Yes, Lancome eyeliner applies really smoothly (but you can get the same effect with Rimmel with a much lower price) but it smudges, a bit less than Rimmel.

After watching a video in youtube (which i forgot which one is it), the video maker swatched all her eyeliners and then pressed her finger againt the swatches to test their “smudge level”. Well, Mac fluidline won; it did not smudge a bit. Afterwards, my great friend, Cyn, showed me this cool site that reviews products! So i typed Mac fluidline to verify if most people agree with that eyeliner. Results: Many positive feedback!

When i swatched it on my own in the mac store, i tried to remove it with the mac wipes but it won’t budge a bit (even when i scrub so hard that my skin turns red)! So i was worried that my make up remover won’t be able to remove it very easily. FORTUNATELY, this is not a problem at all! woohoo~ It removes really easily with make up remover and it doesn’t smudge at all! I can wear it all day long (8+) and it still looks like fine! What is even more amazing is that it is immune to sweat(i was exercising)! This means it’s waterproof and you can wear it during in summer without a problem!

CONS? Waterline, it cannot be on the waterline, oh well~ Others say that it dries really quickly (the product itself on the container). However, I have not experienced this yet since it’s still barely new. Some also say it’s not really a lot for 20$. Well, a TINY little dip is really enough for each eye. Seriously, you don’t need a lot of it. The bottle can probably last a year and more.

Should definitely try it if you haven’t found your perfect eyeliner yet!