Passe Compose – Fun Brunch

Passe Compose – Fun Brunch

Passe Compose has taken over Ma’tine location. It was quite nostalgic when I sat at the table, looking around, reminiscing about the same time last year, where I had my mesmerizing brunch. I cannot believe Ma’tine is no longer with us and whatever remains have been acquired by Passe Compose. Not much has changed other than more tables are placed near the entrance, putting the pastry counter into oblivion.

Let the past be the past and move on with the present! Passe Compose is one of the most sought after weekend brunch location with waiting lines starting as early as 10 in the morning and only getting longer and longer by noon. The most sought after answer for the question “Is it worth the wait?” is then… to be followed. 😉

The menu is extensive, perhaps too much, rendering deciding on a dish the toughest task of the day. I prefer it simple with limited choices. Not only does it simplify my life, but it also lets us know that the chef has focused on mastering the dishes.

To start, Mr.Butter and I both had a Macchiato and we both find it incredibly sour. Needless to say, we were both disappointed.

The waitress highly suggested that we ordered their popular French toast, so we did and I understand the appeal. It is deep fried so it is best to consume it while it is still warm. It was like a flatten donut. The fluffy texture thinner than donuts has a strong crust all around it to provide a crunchy bite. I am not crazy about it, but like I say, I understand the general appeal. I am more a pain perdu kind of girl.

Chicken and waffle
Of course when there is chicken and waffle on the menu, Mr.Butter gunshots it. He is still in deep memories of his beloved chicken and waffle dish from Le Gros Jambon (another lovely restaurant that is now closed) and wishes to find another place that can serve just as good. The presentation of the dish can make anyone jealous and urges anyone to order it. However, the disappointment kicked in soon after. The waffle was missing some oomph – that fresh and airy crunch. The chicken appeared t nicely deep fried, but the skin was sad. I believe the chicken was not fried long enough because the meat was tightly holding to the bone to the point where we could still see redness (almost blood). The redness did not bother me because I believe (how usually chicken is served in Chinese cuisine) a bit of redness in the chicken is normal in order to achieve tenderness while remaining cooked and safe to consume before the meat becomes dry. Mr.Butter does not have the same philosophy as me and was not very comfortable with the sight. The seasoning was fine, but because the texture was lacking, the dish was not exciting.

Gaspor poached eggs
I am hoping that I jotted the name of the dish correctly (oh you know me). This dish consists of 2 poached eggs sitting on top of a mixture of shredded pork shoulder and potatoes with old cheddar cheese. It tasted exactly like the listed ingredients, nothing more and nothing less; True to its ingredients, but missing the point of elevating the taste. It was on the heavier, creamier side and I think it needed an extra something to lift it, be it sweet or tangy. But the included beet shot and bowl of fruits on the side were a great addition.

Overall, the menu is fun with many options. All the dishes looked fantastic and playful, but that’s where the enthusiasm stops. I was not experiencing any endearing moments: The moment where my heart and stomach squeal in unison. Looking for originality, I highly recommend Passe Compose, but reaching for finesse, I would look somewhere else.

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