A little taste of South America in Mezcla

A little taste of South America in Mezcla

On the occasion of my friend’s birthday, he invited our small group of friends to go dine in a restaurant situated in the Village: Mezcla.

When I got in, I was welcomed by a modern designed interior with a welcoming staff. The decor is not unusual and is something that one would typically find in a trendy bistro. But what really set this place apart from other eateries is the corner herbs garden. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had a chance to take a proper picture of it:

Herb garden

I’m a bit of a tardy guy so when I met up with them, I realised that they’ve already placed the order for the entrées:  causa mezcla, pulpo al olivo, ceviche. Then the waitress asked what I wanted to order and quickly chosen the fish of the day in the menu which happens to be a red snapper.

South american cuisine is something that I still need to familiarize with more. So when I took a bite out of the causa mezcla that arrived on our table, I was met with new flavours and texture that melted in my mouth. Couldn’t believe that yellow potatoes could do such a thing. It just got me more excited with what’s next.


Causa Mezcla

Mezcla’s ceviches was very nicely presented. The ingredients were soaking in this red-orange sauce with a bit of chopped greens on top that added complementary colour to the top. My fork dove in a piece of fish and tasted what was sort of expected to it: fresh and tangy. Being four dudes sharing this small but rather pricey entrée on a Friday night, I couldn’t help but think that I would’ve rather gone to Ceviches for some ceviches.


Mezcla Ceviches

At this instance, the waitress comes back to our table and tells me that they’ve ran out of the fish of the day, which left me no choice but to choose the most expensive thing on the menu: costilla de bison (bison rib). I was deceived yet excited at the same time.

Pulpo al olivo (octopus), the last entrée was rather normal, and very chewy. It’s supposed to have XO olive oil. But I’m not that picky with oils. I can’t tell the difference.


Pulpo al olivo

Finally, the main dishes started arriving. The costilla de bison really looked impressive, as well as what my friends ordered. Each of us dug in what we had.


Costilla de bison (Braised bison short ribs, seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, BBQ sauce Mezcla)

The bison rib was fall off the bone and the texture was just right. I wished that it had just a touch bit less of the bbq sauce so I can taste more of the meat. Nonetheless, I was happy of what I ordered.


Pollito del coral (Cornish hen, tari sauce, yuca fries)


Surf & Turf (Fish and meat of the day: shrimp & lamb; seasonal vegetables)


Chaufa de quinoa con mariscos (Fish + seafood of the day, quinoa, seasonal vegetables, egg)

I think that Mezcla is a nice restaurant with a unique concept. But the price of the menu will definitely keep me from coming back.

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