Kenzo Ramen on Dundas street

Kenzo Ramen on Dundas street

After a marathon, the best way to recovery is getting some carbs and electrolytes from ramen. Did I run a marathon? No, Mr.Butter did! (He did amazingly!) Sansotei Ramen was closed on Sunday, so we eyed for the next ramen shop – Kenzo Ramen. (I just learned that Kenzo Ramen has many locations – this one is located on Dundas.)

It was 3:30pm and we saw the staff finally having lunch. The staff greeted us and warned us that the soup base was being prepared for the next service and it would require an additional 10-15minutes wait. That was fine with us. It was very nice of them to warn us beforehand.

The menu offers many types of ramen, mostly Hakata style. I chose Tonkatsu Miso ramen while Mr.Butter went for The King of Kings ramen (what is more fitting after successfully completing a marathon?).

Shortly, more customers were coming in and the restaurant became full house. This must be a sign that this place serves solid ramen, right? Or are they all tourists just like us?

Once the ramen were served on the table, I quickly wished I had Mr.Butter’s bowl. It was larger and had more toppings than my plain looking ramen. My ramen actually looked really sad beside his. His ramen did have a name “The king of Kings”.


The jealousy was not long lasting. Once I tasted the broth of my Tonkatsu miso ramen, I was pleased that I chose it. The broth was rich, but not too salty. It was exactly how I wanted my broth to be. The noodles were not my favorite kinds, a bit on the thinner side, but were still very elastic/bouncy that quickly erased my preference for thicker noodles. The only deception was the pork slices. They were so dry and unappetizing.


The King of Kings ramen was spicy, but not to the point that it was unbearable. For someone who loves spicy food, this was perfect. The noodle and pork were just like my Tonkatsu miso ramen.

It is worthwhile to note that their service was impeccable. I tremendously appreciate when my glass of water gets refilled constantly, especially when consuming salty food.

Kenzo ramen serves great broth, but their pork needs improvement for a perfect ramen experience.

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