3734 – How long does it take it to remember these numbers?

3734 – How long does it take it to remember these numbers?

I’m not familiar with St-Henri restaurants. But it seems like there are many new restaurants popping out in this neighborhood. I feel like it’s the new IT place. I won’t complain because finding free parking is not a problem. But if restaurants opening keep going at this rate, it might become a problem!

I think 3734 is the least known out of all the restaurants opening in St-Henri. I actually never heard of it until Eatwitheva recommended to me. That’s good because it means no line up!

The brunch menu is simple, but enough interesting choices! Picking one was not easy – that’s why we ordered some to share!

On the pictures that I saw from instagram, the portion looked small. So, I thought the price range of 12-18$ was justified. But I was quite surprised that the portion was actually bigger!


Salmon gravlax

The portion of the gravlax is a bit more generous than I thought. Paired with a scone, the gravlax was great. In all honesty, no gravlax has disappointed me as of yet. I was quite fascinated by the thin cut of the radish. It was so thin and so beautiful. Not to mention that I love the pile of watercress with a tangy dressing.


Cassolette Ouvriere

Reading the description of the dish didn’t entice me. But like usual, Mr.Butter and I had different palate and he ordered this one. Like usual, his choice ended being fantastic. The mix of ham, sausage, smoked cheddar was bursting in flavours. Very suitable for someone that loves heavier and meatier dish.


Oeuf Max muffin

Unfortunately, I did not taste it. But I could clearly see my friend enjoying it. I did however have some of the thick fries which were deliciously seasoned!



This was something I was up to try but the gravlax had my vote first. At first, I was confused. Where are the tomatoes like the menu says? Then I realized that the yellow slices were not peppers but tomatoes! With the ricotta cheese, it is simplicity at its best. Why didn’t I think of doing this at home?



Pain perdu

Whenever I see pain perdu on the menu, I become very excited, like a dog swinging its tail. Although good, this pain perdu was not what I knew about pain perdu, spongy yet dense. It was more like a french toast.



The donuts are quite popular on instagram, so I did not want to miss this opportunity. It greatly reminded me of Chinese fried banana dessert minus the banana. The dough was the same. But then, something hit me. The smell, the strong smell of hard liquor. Everyone on the table thought I was crazy. I could smell while I take a bite, but then the smell quickly dissipated. Until someone else on the tabe noticed it too. And we all started “oohing and aaahing”. And then, there was this specific spot inside the doughnut that was concentrated with this hard liquor taste. I was told that there was no alcohol in the donuts. Now, I am dumbfounded and really am curious what makes this taste and smell like some strong alcohol. Yeast?

I thoroughly enjoy 3734. I’m glad more and more affordable brunch places are popping out offering interesting dishes than eggs and sausage.

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