Zuuchini only from now on…

I have officially changed my blog name to Zuuchini now.

What? Wasn’t it called Zuuchini already?

Not many people understand that my blog name was Boulou Boulou and that my pen name is Zuuchini. It causes quite some confusion a few times.

The purpose of having a pen name was to keep my anonymity. However, bit by bit, I find it rather useless. There was no occasion that I presented myself as Zuuchini, especially when meetings are due to happen. I find it rather childish to present myself as Zuuchini in formal exchanges especially in person.

And, to add it to a whole new level of embarrassment,  Boulou Boulou, itself is quite intimidating to pronounce it out loud, especially in its true original form (it’s supposed to be said quickly, making it sound like bubbles sound…almost like “bluub bluub” *cough*…). So when people ask me what is the name of my blog…these goes my few seconds of hesitation and say Boulou Boulou, like how it is spelled. They wouldn’t recognize it until I say it’s zuuchini.com.

It’s rather sad.

To stop all this madness of identity, this blog is called Zuuchini. No more complication. I have updated my banner. Big thanks to Mr.Butter for his swift work of art! (I am still patiently waiting for my cute logo!)

Let’s cheers for Zuuchini.com!!!




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