3734: I come for Lunch!

3734: I come for Lunch!

With a great brunch experience at 3734, I raved about it to my colleagues. Curiosity was so strong, that they’ve decided to lunch there on a workday (oops, 2 hours lunch – hey, it was a Friday!).

3734, please don’t let me down! My food opinion is on the line!

3734’s lunch menu is simplistic at its truest form. My colleagues were underwhelmed by the choices. I defended “less choices, less hassles”. Picking is easier and less headache! Win win situation. But let me tell you, I was sitting on the edge of the chair “uh-oh…I don’t think they are impressed…” So much pressure.

Plates came. And we started to munch with a growling stomach. And quickly enough, I see their facial expression changed. Satisfaction. My heavy shoulder just bounced back up.


I had their 1/4 piri piri chicken. Especially tasty and spiced up. The chicken was so moist. It can’t be done any way better. The serving was more than I thought it would be. The potatoes were cut originally, in forms that I’ve never seen. It is like chips, but not quite.


The pork sandwich that my colleagues ordered tasted similar to the piri piri chicken, probably the same spice was used. But not to worry, it is not spicy.


You may want to avoid the salad if you think the salad will fill you up. The portion is ridicously small. It looked like an appetizer. I would have rather paid 3$ extra to have a filling salad from Mandy’s. My colleague did say the salad was delicious, but only hoped it was bigger. She was nearly at the point of licking every corner of the dish.

And of course, we had to order the homemade donuts. Unlike last time, the donuts did not taste any hard liquor. It was actually sweeter, and if I may say, better than last time.


Did you know that 3734 serve organic cola? Odd. But it tastes exactly like cola.

3734 needs more recognition. I am impressed twice already!

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