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Deville Dinebar

I have walked by this restaurant for a few times to take the metro Peel. Their hot pink LED light indoors attracted my attention every time I passed by.

If i am not mistaken, they use local food supplies. Always a plus right?

I went ahead and searched on Urbanspoon to verify their reviews….Pretty good review?! So i jumped ahead and tried it….

This oreo milkshake with hint of alcohol (really…you can’t taste the alcohol just get one without it, it’ll be cheaper) tasted fantastic!! It’s not like you can really screw up a milkshake though…

 This springroll tasted like a fusion of asian/mexican ! What? Like a burrito filling in a springroll shape.
 Yummmmmy friiiies! With melted cheddar cheese and gravy

 This waffle covered with sugar and ice cream is only good the first bite. After that, it is just way too much. I suggest to share it with friends. But again, it’s not really that amazing. Although, the ice cream is surprisingly the star of the dessert! Very tasty and creamy

 I was being greedy…and made my friend ordered this gigantesque chocolate cake. The server even warned us if we were to order it, we would be better off without the waffle. I refused to listen because my greediness was taking over!
It didn’t look that big…like…you could finish it with 2 people…very doable. But having another dessert that i was trying to finish, it’s a tough task. 
Again, the taste of the cake is nothing to be wowed. I was just curious how it looked like. LOL! 
I probably have a different food experience than other visitors that have blogged about this restaurant as I have not tried any of their main dishes…As you can see, I only ordered appetizers and skipped to desserts. I am not fond of burgers… therefore I do not think i am missing out anything. 
This is a restaurant to try, but not a restaurant I would want to go back anytime soon. There are better choices out there in Montreal. 

Deville Dinerbar on Urbanspoon

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