La Fontana: Quiet and chic

La Fontana: Quiet and chic

Known for its gelato, La Fontana is a small Italian restaurant on the 2nd floor at the Etoile bulding in Dix30. I am here to spread the word that La Fontana serves good food too.

This is not my first time visiting La Fontana. It always had a sweet spot in my heart because I just love the spot too much: with a terrasse on the 2nd floor overseeing Dix30, amazing dessert choices, impeccable service and chic ambiance. What’s not to love?

Ok…maybe just the bathroom is a bit of a turn off…anyways.

Let’s just put it this way, it’s a type of restaurant that is sort of lacking in Brossard. Just fancy enough that you could dress up a bit without appearing out of place. However, no worry, you can dress in jeans and no one would judge you. I see family dining there as well, but I would think it’s more suitable for dates, or girl’s one on one dining.



We had an appetizer on the house…for no apparent reason at all, since we didn’t even wait long for the food to come… My theory is that they are trying to empty their bread inventories because it is close to expiry date… It’s not baseless as the bread was way too hard for my liking ( could be explained that I had the thickest bread of the three…not really an excuse because a good restaurant would know to cut the bread in equal size to maximize texture). The toppings were flavorful.


Tuna Tartare

This my main course. It does look tiny, right? I told myself quality over quantity – plus, usually restaurant serves way too much. I think this is the portion that we are suppose to eat usually.

At first, I was hesitant to order the tartare because I was scared it wouldn’t be fresh (as sadly, La Fontana isn’t as popular as other restaurants in Dix30, which is also my goal to spread the word that this place needs a bit more recognition). Fortunately, the tuna was fresh and very delightful to eat as it is paired with some very sweet mangoes.

The portion is just perfect; it allows me to order dessert without guilt!


Mr.Butter had the panini with sausage and eggplants. I wasn’t expecting much when he said he wanted that…until I had a bite. How does he always order dishes with such surprising flavors! It wasn’t a typical panini. This one heavy but in a good way. Salty but tamed by the wrap.

The sweet potato chips were really addictive. I would have preferred that it was less drenched in oil ( I am not kidding, half of the chips were like polished by oil). However, this did not stop me from eating. So thinly sliced and crispy! I would buy these chips if they came in a bag!


I helped my mom ordered risotto. I regretted my choice, not because it was awful but because it was very heavy ( a bit heavier than the average risotto). I had 2 small scoops, delicious for the first scoop and heavy for the 2nd scoop, although it was expected as it was made with goat cheese. I should have ordered something else for my mom.


I cannot go to La Fontana without any dessert! Be it their cake or gelato. I had my favorite cheesecake at La Fontana: White chocolate cheesecake. So gooood. I will have to admit that La Fontana is my favorite place to have cheesecake other than traditional cheesecake (which is La Premiere Moisson). Mr.Butter had coconut and Mocha gelato. They were lovely!

La Fontana has it well balanced and has a je ne sais quoi which allows it to creep into my top places to dine in Dix30.


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