Le Cartet: Brunch with food bloggers

Being with people that share the same interest always feels good. Hence, I happily had brunch with my fellow food bloggers. And bonus, the chosen restaurant was Le Cartet which was in my list to try for a long time.


These tiny spongy cake bites were offered to each one of us. To my knowledge, it was a common practice for every table. These were sure delicious. Wet, yet dense. Wish I knew what exactly they were, I need my fellows’ help!


Brunch des Cantons seemed like a must as it was ordered by 3 people in our table. One thing for sure, if you want to be charged up with protein for the rest of the day, this is the one to order! But to say it was an original and fantastic meal would be a bit of an exaggeration.


And if you want to be charged up with simply sweetness for the rest of the day, Brunch Sucre will be screaming your name! The portion was more than enough. I was having a hard time to finish it, and of course, Mr.Butter finished it for me! The crepes were good thanks to the fresh fruity jam. But the highlight would be the French tosat. It was like no other French toast, it had raisins and and hazelnut inside. Then, it was topped with blueberries and apple butter. Sooooo delicious. I would go back just for this. It is actually available in the menu by itself.

Le cartet was a fun experience. I especially like how most brunch came with a orange juice, which is rare for most restaurants, and how the price is affordable for the quantity and quality I am getting.

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