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Ma Poule Mouillee: Portuguese chicken at its finest

Ma Poule Mouillee: Portuguese chicken at its finest

I never understood the hype behind Portuguese chicken, especially when I tried Romados (not that impressed, but I blame my commute, where I had decided to bring it all the way to the South Shore before consumption) and found nothing special.

My sis was back for a visit, and obviously she needed her poutine fix. I wanted to bring her somewhere new, but with decent poutine. Mr.Butter suggested Ma Poule Mouillee. I was reluctant and confused. I asked for poutine, not some freaking chicken! So I searched online and learned that they served one solid poutine! I have to see this!

So the journey of oversize meals begin…

There was waiting line that goes all the way to the outside. Not as long as La Banquise, which was right across the street, but long enough to wait at least 30 minutes. The intense smoke coming from the restaurant was something. Coming in starvation mode is a bad idea. At this point, my head went “this better be good!!!” Hanger is full fledged on.

So we were 4 people and we ordered 3 dishes. The total bill came less than 40$ and with a doggy bag (a good leftover portion for another meal – Mr.Butter had it for breakfast). Is it this a crazy deal or what? This much food for so little cost? Not to mention, the food was incredible!

On the table, we had regular poutine (because that’s what my sis loves), Portuguese poutine (which was with Portuguese chicken and chorizo) and 1/2 Portuguese chicken.


My sis was enjoying the regular poutine. But why have regular poutine, when you can have Portuguese poutine! The Portuguese poutine was no joke (we had the large one, opposed to the small). And it was more than enough to share for 2 people. It was quite a monster at first sight. But we were able to finish it all. The chicken and chorizo were not overshadowed by the gravy. I would like to say that chorizo was smoky and was just pure goodness. The chicken was moist. A scoring dish to taste the best of everything at Ma Poule Mouillee.


I ordered 1/2 chicken for my mom thinking Mr.Butter would need more food (but I guess the poutine was enough!). My mom touched the salad, half the fries and quarter of the chicken. She was satisfied and kept complimenting how moist the chicken was. When my picky mom is satisfied, I feel accomplished.

Short on cash, but still want yummy food? Ma Poule Mouillee would be the perfect destination!

Ma Poule Mouillée Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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