Seoul Chako: The more the merrier

Seoul Chako: The more the merrier

Mr.Butter craved for Korean barbecue for a while. Back in 2013 to be more precise. And I kept delaying it with excuses such as ” I need to keep my S-line”. Who am I kidding? I got no s-line. Working on it though!

But little did he know, I was planning a surprise party for him! Seoul Chako was the perfect venue. It has a private area to host for a large party. But sadly, although I did reserve 1-2 month in advance, I think they messed up my reservation, so we ended up having separate tables. That was a set back,but nonetheless, we were still able to enjoy the night.

We had so much fun and were so restricted in space that I did not take any picture for the night. But luckily, there are so many reviews out there that I shamelessly took the following the picture from The Gazette.


The menu in Seoul Chako is extensive, which is great for a large party so everyone can find something they like. It is not strictly just beef. There are sushi on the menu as well. Surprisingly, some of their rolls were pretty good. Obviously, this is heaven for any carnivore. All you can eat! So I think anyone who does not eat meat is in a loser position, money wise of course.

To fully enjoy Seoul Chako experience, you should not expect fully functional bathroom structures ( their bathroom is so due for some repairs), and authentic Korean food. Without a doubt, the food was delicious for an all you can eat establishment. I have read multiple reviews having bad experience with their service. I’m fortunate to say that I was lucky enough to have quick and great service.

Now, go easy on the food or I hope you got your elastic band pants!

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