Taqueria Arturo – Mexican Brunch?

Taqueria Arturo – Mexican Brunch?

I was invited to try out Taqueria  Arturo’s brunch menu. I will not lie; I was skeptical. Mexican restaurant and brunch? Weird mix. It seems like nowadays every restaurant wants to throw themselves in the brunch wagon just to get a share of  the pie.  Sometimes, to see restaurants deviate from their main channel could mean business trouble.

I did a little bit of research and I learned that Taqueria Arturo is a fairly new establishment in the hopes to revive Prince Arthur street by introducing cheap eats. It made sense, but the task is not that simple. Can Taqueria Arturo deliver their mission? Let’s not be too pessimistic, shall we?

I threaded through the streets piled with snows and construction cones before arriving to Taqueria Arturo. It was quiet at 11am on a Sunday. Bad sign? The vibe emitted by the decor was more suitable for a nightlife restaurant. I could imagine the place filled up with a loud crowd drinking heavily with a DJ playing music in the background. It was difficult to picture a worthy brunch.

However, I found the brunch menu intriguing. It was play on classic brunch items with a Mexican touch. The price was surprising as well! It averages from $9 to $11. Recently, all the restaurants that I’ve been charges about $16.

So, we ordered eagerly. The host further educated us that the dishes we ordered were all made in-house (in the exception of one, try to guess?). Always a bonus.

Tostada Francaise

This dish was magnificently presented. The fragrant of the cinnamon and vanilla was appetizing. It was hard to imagine that such a plate can be served in a Mexican restaurant. The texture of the french toast was crispy. They did not go light on the butter. They even offered blueberry butter on the side so we could slap more buttery goodness onto the brioche. It was a sweet way to uplift any bad mood. The potatoes served with the dish was very spicy, might be too spicy for the general population. But for someone who can eat spicy, this was perfect!

Breakfast Burrito

The burrito was immense, can easily feed 2 mouths. I had a half and I was full right away. This is the breakfast to have for a day of activities. The burrito was filled with rice, black beans, avocado, and choice of chorizo or pork belly. I opted for the complete indulgent experience, pork belly. Yes, with a good portion of fats. I felt almost rebellious. If there is one thing I can suggest to improve this burrito, it would be chilli pepper. I wanted it to be spicy. Good thing that the spicy potatoes were also served on the plate.

While we were enjoying our meal, customers were coming in. I guess we were too early and most of the population was just recovering from their saturday nightlife. I actually wished Taqueria Arturo receives more recognition. Cheap eats, they did it. Their mission is accomplished.

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