Terrasse Lafayette: Great to hold a group dinner

Terrasse Lafayette: Great to hold a group dinner

To celebrate a birthday, Terrasse Lafayette was the chosen venue. The choice couldn’t be more perfect. The day before, it snowed heavily and Montreal was busy picking up snow from the streets causing disallowed parking everywhere. Majority of the group was late, and not just 15 or 30 minutes late, but an average of an hour late. The staff was so empathetic and the service was not comprised at all.

The menu of Terrasse Lafayette should satisfy most appetite and the price is reasonable, about the price point of most big franchise family restaurant such as Baton Rouge, Casa Grecque, Au Vieux Duluth… A great restaurant to go when you have a bigger group to attend to and do not want to those usual and typical restaurants found every corner.


Lovely lentil soup. But Mr.Butter found it a bit salty. That can be fixed easily by eating it with bread.


Fresh salad, came with the main dish.


Cobb salad as main meal. Generous portion. I wish the grilled chicken was served warm… Overall, a solid salad.


“Better than average but nothing special” words of Mr.Butter. As for me, I loved those potatoes!


This mix of carrot and cheesecake was just spectacular! It’s my 2 favorite cakes merged into 1! This cake was meant for me! And it was so moist too! Not one fault to be found. Oh there is one, it makes me fat!

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