Au pied de cochon: They are not kidding

Au pied de cochon is finally crossed off from my restaurant wishlist! I read too many good reviews and saw too many enticing pictures.

Au pied de cochon needs no introduction. Let’s just jump right in the dishes I ordered that night. I did not expect this coming…


Their bread is homemade. This bread was good, to the point that I think it was the only thing i ate the most for the evening. You will understand why shortly…

What’s funny is that I didn’t expect them to give us another one once we finished it! Somehow, I couldn’t stop myself from letting it go to waste! So… I went ahead and ate some more.

Fried Pork Rinds

Fried Pork Rinds

I had some pork rinds. The first one was refreshing. The second was not so much. It got eventually a bit too salty.

Tomato Tartlet

Tomato Tartlet

Mr.Butter wanted something “fresh” and “light” to balance off the upcoming main dishes, so he wanted the tomato tartlet. It was anything but”fresh” and “light”. It was heavy. The cheese and butter were heavy. It felt like I was eating a very rich pizza.

Duck in a can

Duck in a can

How could I miss the famous dish, Duck in a can? Of course, I couldn’t! I had to witness the awesomeness of this dish. I didn’t even need to taste it I could already feel it coming when the server opened the can and drop the content onto the dish. This is no joke. A big chuck of solid duck fats, swimming in a lake of oil. W-O-W. I did not believe it when the reviews said this dish is not for the ones with a faint of heart. I was a believer once I saw that monstrous size of fat sitting right in front of me. Mr.Butter took a decent bite of the fats. His words? Chewy. Sorry, I’m really not brave enough to eat that…But I did eat the duck and the puree of cauliflower with the foie gras, which were very tasty at the first bite. I thought I don’t like foie gras, but the foie gras served wasn’t as strong as the one I ate in Dolcetta & co.

After a few bites, my appetite was quickly disappearing. It was way too rich for me. I am not used to this kind of food. Even Mr.Butter, who enjoys heavy meals, couldn’t handle it. I was so glad that we shared the dish. Anyone sane cannot finish this by himself!

To lighten up my digestion, I had to eat quite a bit of the bread…I was so glad I had a glass of wine to tone it down as well.

Special of the day - Pork Shoulder

Special of the day – Pork Shoulder

Mr.Butter ordered the pork shoulder, which was a special of the day. I don’t like pork shoulder in general, because in my culture, we use them for soups, and they usually taste very bland and I hate their texture too…So, I’m not the best to judge this dish. And, I couldn’t handle anymore of the richness. But to compare to the duck in a can, this dish was much more merciful. However, the taste itself reminds strongly of a Chinese dish, so I did not find it anything special.

We each took 2 bites and gave up. We couldn’t even order dessert because we couldn’t wait to take a walk outside. I was dying to have a salad.

This place is no joke. It’s filled with richness. If you are more like a light flavor eater, I don’t think you will enjoy this place. It was surely an experience for me. But I don’t think it’s a restaurant for me. Now, I really wander if I should even try out Cabane a sucre au pied de cochon.


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