Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine: Which topping should I choose?

Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine: Which topping should I choose?

After many rescheduling, I finally met up with Zomato’s Montreal community manager. To discuss what does the future behold for Urbanspoon, the manager suggested a nice pizzeria, Brigade, a block away from my office.

Brigade is essentially like a Subway, but they serve pizza instead of submarine sandwiches. There are thousands of possibilities to personalize your pizza. The toughest part is to pick which toppings would go nicely on the pizza without being over greedy and pairing weird ingredients together. And the pizza goes in the Italian wood-burning pizza oven for about 2-3 minutes.

And what did my pizza look like? Ta dum!


The base was Margherita which is basil leaves, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The toppings were artichoke, jalapeno, and some kind of fancy ham. The flavors were great! I loved the dough on the edge but the dough where the ingredients were on was quite frankly sad looking. It was way too soft. Lifting the pizza was an impossible task, so I had to roll it in order to eat it mess free.

The time it took to order, cook, eat and talk was within an hour. So, Brigade is a great destination for lunch if your office is just around the corner!

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