Kazu: Japan feel?

Kazu was in my list to try since 2 years ago. But I was hoping the hype would die down so I wouldn’t need to wait outside…well guess what? The hype never disappeared!

I waited for 45 minutes on a chilly winter evening. Remember to bring pleasant companion…or the wait will be painful.

What I like about Kazu is that the staff is very knowledgeable and everyone is 100% aware of what is happening. There is so much chemistry between every staff. All I could notice it’s how harmonious they are working together. Constant flow. And Kazu would always has a smile on his face. It’s quite endearing.

Because Mr. Butter didn’t warn me that we were going to Kazu, I couldn’t do research on the MUST ORDER dishes…so I wasn’t prepared and frankly a bit stressed because I didn’t want to “lag” the flow of the restaurant.

And, we ended up with good stuff! That goes to say, maybe there isn’t any bad dishes in Kazu!

Pork Cheek

Pork Cheek

The tortilla was warm. The pork cheek tastes like any kind of hummus spreading. It was good.

Yuzu drink

Yuzu tasted like a sweeter kind of normal lemonade. I enjoyed the drink very much. I especially like the yuzu pieces on the bottom of the drink. A must try!

Buta-Don - 48 hours pork bowl

Buta-Don – 48 hours pork bowl

I would think a marinated pork for 48 would taste heavy. But this isn’t true. I can’t quite tell apart from pork marinated overnight. Not a dish to try. Nothing special. It could be that I eat similar pork done like that at home already.



We weren’t aware that their ramen is only served during lunch time. Because of the long wait outside, all we wanted was a good bowl of hot ramen. But i guess a soup would fix it. This soup was good with all the vegetables. However, I wouldn’t say it was special. But it was good.

Tuna sashimi

Tuna sashimi

Ok – there’s a funny story behind this dish. Quite embarrassing one. You see how there’s 2 spoons on the actual dish? Not only that, I was also offered a fork and a knife when they served me the dish. So I was quite confused the purpose of the metal spoon placed on the fish. Mr. Butter said the metal spoon was for the soya sauce. So I went ahead and used my knife and gently cut the tuna sashimi. And Kazu noticed my very special way to eat the tuna and took the leap and taught me that the spoon is to scrape the meat off the tuna bone. OOOOOOOOOOOH! I laughed embarrassingly. And he was so amused the rest of the night…

Anyway! Back to the dish review. This is quite an original way to eat tuna sashimi! Albeit there wasn’t a lot of meat in that bone, I enjoyed the unique presentation of the dish and experience to eat tuna sashimi.

Grilled chicken cartilage

Grilled chicken cartilage

If I remembered correctly, this is chicken cartilage. Or some other animal cartilage then! The sauce is delicious. I believe it’s teriyaki sauce, I may be wrong…or just another kind of Japanese barbecue sauce.

Home-made ice cream

Home-made ice cream

I think this was the winner of the evening. The home-made ice cream is heavenly. So smooth. We had rum on the left and wasabi on the right. I really liked the rum! The flavor was especially tasty on the bottom. I can only imagine how this ice cream would be perfect for this summer.

Overall, I can definitely see the appeal of Kazu. But I still don’t understand why would this restaurant earned this much of a hype because there are many restaurants just as good as Kazu. Maybe it’s the people working there that won all our hearts. To say that Kazu is like a Izayaka in Japan, I have to strongly disagree. It’s a nice reproduction but definitely not the same. Should you try Kazu? Yes for the experience. As for the food goes, it’s good like many other places.

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