Dolcetto & Co. All about Italian tapas

Dolcetto & Co. is a newly opened restaurant in the Old Port. Ever since I read about it from another blog, I have put it in my restaurant wishlist. Little did I know, Mr.Butter checks my wishlist and brought me there on my birthday as a surprise!

Once entered, you will see a big square table that is able to fit about 9 people or more! This seems very typical for authentic Italian restaurant as Italians like to gather in big family and eat together. The decor inside is marine theme.

The concept in Dolcetto is to order a few dishes to share. I think it’s a great concept  in order to avoid overfeeding yourself from restaurant’s oversized servings. If you are looking for quantity food, this restaurant is not the place.

They gave us different types of bread. They were good – especially with balsamic vinegar!

The wine. That got me tipsy but sober enough to play laser quest right after dinner.

Now the interesting part. We are given a menu, just a simple paper, where we put a check mark beside the plates we want to order. However, I would say about 50% of the menu was fill with Italian words, so it’s quite inconvenient to have the waitress explain almost most the tapas one by one.


A spicy salami paste. I ordered this because it says “spicy” on the menu. You know me – I love spicy food!! This was good pairing with the bread. Although, I would not say anything spectacular. It basically tastes like pepperoni converted into paste like.

Lobster & fennel cannellonis

This is the most popular dish of Dolcetto according to the staff. Counting on their words, we ordered it. It tastes very butter heavy. The pasta was very soft. I could taste the lobster. But I don’t understand why it would be the favorite dish of the clients. It tastes a bit blend, missing a “something something” to make it memorable. 
Fried risotto with cheese on top
This dish was the special of the date. Because I really like risotto, I decided to order it! But it was a good choice because it was my favorite dish of the day. It’s almost like a comfort food – slightly cripsy from the exterior, but creamy texture from the interior. Added with a big chuck of cheese. It was a very unique combo, I find. 
Foie gras, fig & sea salt focaccia
This pizza was so well executed! The crust was cripsy but not too hard either. The pairing was unique as well – fig with foie gras, that’s a first. Because I heart fig, I really wanted to order this pizza. Sadly, I had found out that I’m really not a foie gras lover…. (and even object to eat any foie gras from now on after I learned how foie gras was produced, not a nice scene at all). Therefore, not because this pizza was not good, just because I found out that I don’t like foie gras, this pizza was not exactly my favorite. I wished I chose another pizza, because honestly, this pizza was perfectly made.
Tiramisu Bianco
We ended our dinner with a Tiramisu. More and more, I am loving Tiramisu. And this Tiramisu is not an exception. It was so creamy and tasty. Not to mention, the biscuit served in it was soft. I’m actually surprised how good this tasted. 🙂 
All in all, I think Dolcetto & Co is a nice place to go when you are 2 people. It is a very intimate and cozy setting where you could just pass your evening chatting away relaxingly. Nothing chic and high class. Sip wine and have a bite here and there. Never feel bloated, but full enough so you would not spend the night with a empty stomach. 
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