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Mikado St-Denis: My love no more…

You know how I’ve always glorified Mikado as the BEST sushi place. Well, I think I overdid it. I went recently and it’s not the same anymore…

It seems like one dish after another one, I became more and more discontented. I was so saddened that it’s no longer good. Yes, I said no longer good – not “as” good.

One exemption I would say is that their service is just as good as before, and their sashimi is to die for.

Scallop to heaven

Scallop to heaven

This a dish that we always ordered. Their scallop remained the same, big portion and fresh. Cooked in perfection. Not a hint of overcooking. The noodles are so cripsy, but not overly oily.

Assorted sashimi

Assorted sashimi

This time, instead of ordering sashimi one by one from the sashimi menu. We tried to order from the grand menu. All of this is only 29$! Not to mention, their sashimi is SOOOO FRESH! You know that bottom left salmon? It’s pacific salmon! I think it’s the first time I’ve eaten it. It’s not comparable to atlantic salmon. It’s a whole new level of goodness!! It almost tastes like tuna! I still approve Mikado’s sashimi. So nicely cut. Thick and fresh. Yum!

Tuna sashimi

Tuna sashimi

That’s why we had to order more sashimi!! TUUUUUUUUUNA!
So I randomly picked some rolls while ordering, and this is one of them. Not too bad. A decent average roll. A bit underwhelming since I ate better things in Mikado… And because I so randomly picked this roll, I couldn’t remember which roll this is…I am so helpful.



And while trying new things in the menu, I saw Chardonnay, which I remembered I adored so much last time. I ordered it expecting it would make my taste-bud  go party mode! But, it actually killed the party instead! It was awful. It didn’t taste like anything I remembered it being. Worst of all, somehow, it tasted so greasy!
And to make things worse, I had randomly chosen the worst roll I’ve ever tasted in Mikado. You see those fried stuff? I think it’s fried carrot. That thing made the whole roll a disaster. It was drenched with greasy flavor. All I could taste was basically oil.

Maybe they were having a bad cuisine day…who knows? But it was so disappointing because Mikado was so highly regarded by me…that I always suggested to people that it’s a MUST TRY! Now, I had to correct myself… Their sashimi is must try. Their rolls…try your luck!

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