Frite Alors!: Fries sauce fest!

Frite Alors! brings in so much memories! It used to be my biggest wishlist  restaurant to go.  A cool restaurant to eat at because it put so much focus on fries. That was old times…

After all these years, I came back to Frite Alors for some late night food because Mr.Butter was hungry…

I don’t know if I am going to too many fancy and clean places lately, I find Frite Alors! on st-denis a bit worn-out. The place looks a bit dirty too. It’s missing that trendy fast food vibe. Tintin drawings are gone too.

Because I wasn’t hungry, I only nibbled on Mr.Butter fries. Well, that’s all it matters right?! FRIES.


I don’t recall what burger Mr.Butter ordered….. but look at this damn picture I took….


It looks yummy!!! But I really wasn’t hungry to take a bite. According to Mr.Butter, it was good. He wasn’t savoring it like it’s heaven though.

As for me, I can only talk about the fries…Marketed as Belgium fries… Is it better? The fries are plainly normal. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t “GOOD FRIES!”.  What makes these fries to almost “GOOD FRIES” was a push from the sauces. Frite Alors! offers a variety of sauce to eat your fries with. We chose Frite Alors! and Mexican. I may be incorrect with the Mexican sauce, but that doesn’t matter because Frite Alors was so good that you can forget about the other ones. Frite Alors sauce is made with mayo, harissa and garlic! I can taste the slight spiciness of harissa, which I like!

I felt a bit guilty. Eating fries and then dip it with mayo… when I wasn’t even hungry. But the sauce was quite addictive.

Frite Alors! has once been one of the my wishlist restaurant…it is no more. I don’t even think it’ll come across my mind  if I didn’t pass right in front of it.

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Written by zuuchini

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  • Sara says:

    Never commented on your website before (always been lurking though!). Great blog.

    Just wanted to weigh in on this. If you really like their dipping sauce, you can buy it in a few grocery stores like IGA. They don’t actually make their own mayo, it’s ordered from a loca company called ”Cuisine Poirier” which does mayo for several other restaurants as well. In IGA, it’s in the fresh salad dressing section (the one next to the fresh veggies in the fridge!). So far I only tried the Herbes de Provence one and I love it.

    • zuuchini says:

      Aww thank you <3

      Now you've given enough reason for me not to visit Frite alors! and just buy the mayo from somewhere else instead! Thanks for the head's up!

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