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Korean restaurant: Hwang Kum

Ever since Man na closed down in Brossard, I couldn’t find any decent place to eat Korean food around Montreal. Many suggested Hwang Kum on Sherbrooke. I even checked online reviews and the ratings were good. That helps increasing my expectation!

I love the decor. Very homy and coffee-shop like. It’s definitely a small restaurant. I would say more or less 20 seats available. Extra plus, their bathroom is very clean and has a personal touch.

Their food is pricy, I find. The amount they give you is not extremely generous. It’s decent amount. I think their pricing is the most outrageous for their soups. Their soup is really like a size of a rice bowl and it includes a bowl or rice. They charge that like what….12$? The ingredients weren’t even fancy either.

The only note-worthy dish in there was their seafood pancake. Definitely the best i’ve eaten. I would only go back for this….Other than that, no…not worth it.

The side dish was not spectacular. Very normal. It was good.

AH! The seafood pancake! Thick and crispy! Just perfectly cooked! 

and then we started to nom nom nom…

Dukbokki!  I wanted to try the real thing as it seems incredibly delicious on korean variety shows. Man, either the people were very good at acting or just the restaurant makes horrible ones….it’s really not that good at all…The rice cake was a bit overcooked, therefore way too soggy…not chewy enough!

and we nom nom nom more….and i forgot to take the rest of the pictures…

I’m so envious of people that have access to wonderful korean restaurant! 🙁 Montreal really needs better ones!


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Made in Canada. Chinese. Accountant. Gamer. Makeup lover. Love her family.

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  • Annism says:

    Just need to tell you…I somehow found Korean restos in Montreal make slightly better food than in proper Korea…LOL because ppl in Korea are mostly vegetarian, and they don’t make big portions nor much meat when you order BBQ!

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