La maison du macaron: Stick with the “ordinary” macarons!

Macaron frenzy the last few weeks! Here are some pictures to illustrate that…

Fraise et basilic

Fraise et basilic

I’m actually sort of embarrassed to post this picture…my nails were horrible. My apology that you have to see that. I thought that the macaron would be cute enough to block away everything else in the picture.

That day, it was so hot that it wasn’t the greatest condition to eat macarons because they were melting! So this picture was quickly snapped and soon enough, all the cute macarons, that did not make it to the photograph, were devoured happily!

I could gladly confirm that La maison du macaron has the safest choice of flavors! Any macaron you pick, you’ll end up loving them 95% of the times, whereas in Point G, it’s 50%.

However, La maison du macaron’s little cute cookies are much more moist in the interior, creating a less crunchy effect once you bite it. Point G’s are in the opposite, which I think it’s a great way to differentiate itself so everyone can be satisfied! You no likey too soft macaron, go to Point G. You no likey too crunchy macaron, go to La maison du macaron. Everybody goes home happy!

At one of my visit, I decided to buy the other pastries, which are basically macarons but BIGGER.



In the background, you can see an another macaron, which was totally destroyed while travelling back to home…It was very sour due to the raspberries. I think they did not refine their almond meal enough as the shell looked very grainy, although the grainy appearance did not really affect the texture when I ate it. I like to believe the grainy effect is because they put real raspberry when baking the shell, which is something totally hard to do, because it affects the humidity of the macaron, which is crucial for perfect texture. But that is only what I like to believe…because I couldn’t actually taste the bits of the raspberry in the shell.

And in the front, we have the Elixir. Super pretty to look at, but not very good to eat. It was a bit too sweet for our taste. And that pretty meringue all around the macaron didn’t do it for me…

If I can remake my choice again, I would definitely go for the normal macarons!



Same concept as Elixir but different flavor. This one is even sweeter than Elixir.

Normal macarons please! I just like the shell too much. The filling in the bigger ones are taking too much space, defeating the purpose of simple macarons, where it’s supposed to be light and sweet!


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