Tri Express: Fascinated by the wrong things

Tri Express is fairly well known (so no need for any introduction…) and my first visit was back in 2010 where my food journey was next to none, so I did not overthink about my experience in there. Recently, a few of my colleagues went there which reminded that I need to go back to have a proper review of this place.

Little note: I have to thank Mr.Butter for being very considerate that evening. <3

Once entered, I quickly remembered how I loved the decoration of the restaurant. The restaurant is not spacious, but is mismatched with all kinds of nice artsy pieces. I immediately fell in love with the environment and couldn’t stop looking around me during my entire seating.

The food did not take long to come and we were able to enjoy our first dish which is also my favorite of the evening.



This salad was everything I wanted this evening: refreshing!

It has mango, grapefruit, cucumber, avocado, carrot, papaya and seafood.

The pieces of scallop (or squid…sorry they went into so tiny pieces it was difficult to tell…) were exquisite! It was smooth and fresh, not to mention with the pairing of mango and grapefruit, it was just phenomenal. Purely simple ingredients but sooo refreshing!



Here are various orders all served altogether. I would have preferred that it was served one by one…On the other hand, I cannot blame them as they have a policy for limited seating time (1hr30). I really think their presentation can be improved…

I was caught by surprise how the zen came out so nicely. Its filling consists of omelette, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, caviar and sauce of Tri Express. I quite enjoy this, although not amazed.

Laurier was my least favorite roll. I don’t know what it was, it was very underwhelming, I felt like I could have this roll at some buffet sushi…

Tri’s favorite was my most preferred roll out of the 3. The rice paper roll makes the roll more interesting. Again, the taste was rather mediocre. Good but I was expecting more.

Tako, the octopus sushi, was only eaten by Mr.Butter. I skipped it because I never enjoyed octopus sushi as it is too chewy for my taste. And the look of the octopus, it did not look that fresh either, discouraging me even more.

Manguro, tuna sashimi, was the most disappointing items of the evening. The portion given was very skimpy, way too thin, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the texture of the raw fish nor I can admire their knife skills. A total let down.

My overall experience at Tri Express is disappointing. The only thing that kept the evening interesting was the decor. I would think that Tri Express would offer unique rolls, but their so called unique rolls have nothing extraordinary to offer. They are quite generic in terms of taste. Park restaurants rolls are much better.

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