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Lamb hot pot makes your tummy so warm!

Like I have promised to myself, I have returned to Kiss Grill to try their hot pot for cold weather time! Go to here for my previous review on Kiss Grill.

Oh was this an ingenious decision! Their hot pot was….simply DELICIOUS. Just perfect for our winter weather!
To start off, I ordered my very adored vegetable dish. 
However, this time, I noticed they gave less those spongy things and gave more of mushrooms…slightly disappointed but still very simple and good.
and then came the STAR dish!! (We had to wait for a while for it to get ready, about 30min? – which I don’t mind at all!)
This pot was huge. There were so much lamb – totally worth every penny. The spicy level can be determined when ordering. If I remember correctly, we had one level off from the highest level of spiciness, and I find it was just perfect. It wasn’t spicy to the point where I can’t taste anything. Do take note that I do eat very spicy, apparently… This hot pot has tofu and cabbage as well! It’s a bit more than enough for 2 people. 
The only thing I would change is…..actually not change, but to add to the hot pot is vermicelli!!! urgh how much i wish they actually come with it. But i do see other hot pot served in the restaurant with them…i should have asked them to add it with the additional charge instead. Oh well. Next time!
This place is such a gem! I’m really surprised that no one has really given much praise to it. It’s like waaaay better than the little fat sheep in chinatown. 
Then again, I like how it is now, not overly crowded. I like the cozy and homey feel to it. 
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