Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse – Amazing drinks

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse is known for their ribs, but I think they should be better known for their drinks! Their drinks really impressed me.

The night we visited Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse, we arrived at an early hour, a bit later than 5:30 PM to be on time for a concert showing. The staff reassured us that the place is not this quiet usually – we were the first clients of the evening. Little by little, the place was receiving more and more customers. The staff is very attentive and explained in great details. Super friendly too – do not know if we were the only clients in the beginning had any impact. But, I did notice that the owner does go table to table to make small talk.

Ok back to the FOOOOD.

That night, we ordered 2 drinks. God, do I want more!

The first drink: Mexican bulldog.

Other than the visual effects of the drink (that surely captures anyone’s attention, a corona served upside-down WHAT!), the margarita drink is very “citrusy”. I could barely taste the beer. I really like this drink.

The other drink: Mr.Beam.

It’s a dark beer, bourgonne. Very sweet! I like it just as much. I really cannot decide which drink I like more.

There are other special drinks too – they sound just as good as these ones, i really want to go back and try them when I get the chance!

As for the food… it did not hit me as hard as the drinks.

Before our main dishes, we were served some bacon bits! THEY ARE DELICIOUS! and smell incredible too.

It is just spicy enough and crunchy enough from the outside! I think it’s the perfect bite-size food while watching a game.

and here comes our dishes

Baby back ribs. Side dish: Man n cheese with gouda cheese and sweet potato fries.

The ribs sauce are veeery delicious. Very smokey. I would even call it excellent sauce for ribs! But, the sauce does get a bit heavy after 3 ribs. And do not expect the ribs that fall off the bones because they don’t. I know many people like their ribs that way. But personally, I like my ribs meat stick the bone and using my teeth to bite them off.

The mac n cheese with gouda cheese was interesting, but really…not that fascinating. The sweet potato fries are just sweet potato fries…

Smoked burger. Side dish: coleslaw and apple slaw.

I took like 2 bites of the burger (because I do not like burger much in general). But I do have to tell you, I’m actually surprised that the burger does taste good to me! Mr.Butter said it was actually a very good burger – he’s a much burger knowledgeable than me; he’s actually doing his own hunt for the best burger. So, to have his approval of this burger does say much!

The coleslaw again…was just coleslaw…

All in all, my visit at Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse was a very pleasant one. My return would certainly be because of their drinks! I love them very much!

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