Le Gros Jambon – Second visit

My first Le Gros Jambon review can be viewed here.

I have returned to Le Gros Jambon because I kept thinking how their mac n cheese was amazing!

Last time, I did not get a chance to order the coke in the bottle! I remembered when I was a kid, my mom would tell me how much better it tastes in a bottle. For me, I only fancy it because it’s a rare sight!

If you’re looking for a bottle taste, Le Gros Jambon will complete that need!

We actually came to Le Gros Jambon 2 times after my first visit, but every time was failure – one day they did not open – another day, they were closing their kitchen. Imagine our joy when this time, we can finally get our food!

When we went this time, there was barely anyone. So when we ordered, the chef was sooooo delicate. I would just observe his cooking and amazed how detailed he was. But hold on to that thought, after we got our food, a surge of people came in, and the chef was no longer that delicate with his cooking – hahaha!

This time, we ordered the “Gros Jambon” burger.

Gros Jambon burger

This burger was cooked with all the heart of the chef! He sprinkled the salt so graciously. BUT – although so graciously, he might had been a bit heavy handed with the salt…the poutine was too salty. Last time, the poutine tasted much better.

As for the burger, it’s alright. It was very difficult to take a bit without creating a mess! I have to admit that the burger was presented so beautifully though!

I personally…cannot take off my mind from Mac n Cheese. Therefore…I order ….mac n cheese again! But with a little change. Last time, I tried the duct confit. This time, I had the Nathan’s mac n cheese – because I love the name Nathan so much. hahaha

Nathan’s Mac n Cheese

well…was it as amazing as last time?! NO! SOOOO SAD!! It tasted completely different! Cannot even compare. This time, there was waaaaay too sauce, making the whole dish very “wet”. It just isn’t the same… I don’t know if it’s usually served like this o rlast time I was just very lucky to have it served exactly how i like it.

Just….not happy after 2-3 bites of my mac n cheese. 🙁

No more craving for Le Gros Jambon…the mac n cheese disappointment killed everything.

I’ll give it a benefit of a doubt. But for certain, I will not be returning soon.

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