Kiss Grill – Need more recognition!!

Kiss Grill is like a fusion of northern China, korean ish and japanese ish cuisine! It’s just beside the famous Kazu but it has a lot less recognition…

Let me state my bias first. I am a HUGE LOVER of northern china cuisine…you have no idea… I was in such high spirits when i got there!

They are known by their grilled meat and their hot pot. Since I went there during summer time and they didn’t have AC, I skipped their hot pot (But i can affirm that I cannot wait to go back to try their so delciously looking hot pot!!).

Instead, I went for their combos where we get to choose a variety of dishes for more than reasonable price(about 15$)! My goal was to try as many dishes as possible (don’t worry their dishes aren’t pricey at all, if you were to order one by one, it’s about 6$). It’s almost like a tapa-style – almost.

I was too intrigued about a few of their dishes – spicy pork jelly and spicy pork ear! Funnily, the attentive owner made sure that I was comfortable eating those and at which level of spiciness.

Squid legs – marinated duck wings – spicy pork jelly

 We ordered these as a combo appetizer. Squid legs were nothing great. The marinated duck wings have barely anything to chew on – only maybe you got the bone to do that. BUT! The OH the spicy pork jelly was so interestingly good! It’s really just like a gelatine with…some parts of pork in it. Just imagine a salty with a hint of spiciness jello with pork flavour. Is that too much imagination needed? Well…maybe. You just need to know that, you gotta order this when you go there!

Spicy pork ears

 After that, we had spicy pork ears obviously! They tasted like jellyfish but just even more harder. Ok…if you have never tried to eat jellyfish in your life…then a more representative comparison would be….joint cartilage from beef but trimmed super thinly. If you still have no clue, then i suggest you to venture out a bit more in your food area. You are missing out too much in life! These are the types of food that i just by nature just love. I just like how chewy  and refreshing the texture is!


 And then I ordered the vegetables. I LOVE THIS! These the kinds of veggies that I love from chinese cuisine. Do not ask me to name them because I have no clue what their names are, i just know what they are because I eat them at home as well. Let say it’s not your typical veggies from the so called chinese restaurant where they give you cheap veggies (like Tiki-Ming style). Once again, the dish is refreshing and very light texture.

Combo with seaweed salad, grilled  skewered lamb, and spring rolls.

The grilled lamb was delicious! But I wouldn’t say they are so good that I would want to come back for that. The spring rolls were very crispy and nicely deep fried.

Combo with grilled skewered lamb, fried rice and julienne salad.

The fried rice was tasty! But slightly a bit too oily for me (but I am very picky in that). and the julienne salad was surprisingly good as well! Simple but good!

Combo with Japanese rice, julienne salad and chicken wings.

 I don’t remember if I had tried anything from this dish…lol so no comment!


Spicy silvery pomfret fishes

 This dish is so nostalgic because it’s almost the same way my mom makes it! It’s so simple and so delicious! Everyone on the table was amazed with the pomfret fish! 😀

and then we ended with mochi and fried banana as dessert! – but i think the mochi is way overpriced…

Fried bananas and mochi

Fried banana as dessert is something that I love! but they didn’t do it quite well…and they are missing some extra sugar to deep in as well! And there was only one single mochi for the an order of mochi for dessert. Hm…I would go buy my own mochi instead at the grocery store…more for your bucks!

I think I am so satisfied with this restaurant because it gives a non-pretentious and cozy environment. The owner is so attentive and nice. The dishes are so homy. Everything just fits well together!

I really can’t wait to come back during super harsh weather in winter to have their spicy hot pot warm up my body!

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Made in Canada. Chinese. Accountant. Gamer. Makeup lover. Love her family.

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  • Lisachen08 says:

    yumm i love northern chinese cuisine too! looking at your photos is making me drool i can’t even get good chinese food really here in germany much less a special type of chinese food haha :p i miss hot pot soo!!

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