Le Paladar – Cuban food

Other than my short stay in Cuba, Le Paladar is my first Cuban experience.

Apparently, Le Paladar serves authentic cuban food. I cannot ascertain this, but what I noticed is that the hostess is from Cuba. She was overly friendly and very insisting in teaching us Spanish. The whole restaurant is decorated with Cuba related items. Nothing pretentious.

When I noticed that they serve Canchanchara from their cocktail menu, I got overly excited and was the hostess. She was curious how did I know about the drink. Canchanchara was introduced to me during my stay in Cuba and it was my favorite drink; it’s mixed mostly with rum and honey. Le Paladar delivered the drink quite well as it tasted just like the one I had in Cuba. I highly suggest to order a Canchanchara!! – sadly, i forgot to take a picture of the drink.

We also ordered Mojitos. They were good, just like the typical mojito.

That evening, I felt like eating some nachos…

Just looking at the picture, we can tell that it was a huge mistake. There were barely any salsa. After the first layer of nachos, we didn’t have any more salsa. This was the same for the guacamole.

I had

I really don’t remember the name of the dish. The meat is pork – it was definitely too oily and has too much fats in the meat for me to take in. I really did not enjoy the pork. What i actually enjoyed eating in this plate was the rice! It was so delicious! Even Mr.Butter couldn’t stop digging in my plate to get the rice! On the right side of the plate, we have the fried plantains. I actually liked the fried plantains. It’s a nice twist to fried potatoes.

Mr.Butter had fish, which is nothing spectacular…. it was served with plain white rice and fried plantains.

To finish off the supper, we had flans in the flavor of coconut and caramel. The texture is sort of similar to a creme brule minus the brule part and more thick/solid. It was nice, but nothing impressive that I would want to have it again…

All in all, the service was definitely very nice, but the food was mediocre – or maybe I am just not accustomed to cuban food?

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