Maestro SVP: not the typical oysters from the grocery stores

I love oysters! What better place to eat  oysters than Maestro SVP?

Maestro is known for serving many kinds of oysters. However, they don’t come in cheap…well, oysters aren’t cheap to begin with…

I found the decor to be super cool. Makes me want to do the same thing for my wall, but finding such a oyster size would be the tough part.


To start off the evening, we had an appetizer of a variety of oysters…I do not remember where they are from exactly…


Some tasted very grassy. Like as if I was tasting grass from the park. Some tasted extremely salty, due to the fact they were closer to the ocean (pacific if I remembered correctly). The ones that I liked taste like those that are normally served from other restaurants. I guess I am no exotic oyster eater.

Freshness were not a problem at all!


And then we had cooked oysters, which I find it as a waste!! Oysters should be eaten raw for full impact! Once cooked, they are no different than mussels, I personally find. Anyway, the way Maestro SVP handled their oysters requires some acknowledgement. Why? The cooked oysters are very tasty! The cheese they incorporated to different oysters is very unique. However, this is also the downside. Oyster taste is usually very thin. Once covered with cheese, the taste of oysters really dissipates. Also, although they used oysters from different areas, it’s nearly impossible to tell. All I can taste it’s the different cheese they used. It’s quite a pity to waste such a delicate and delicious taste like this. I sincerely believe the best way to enjoy oysters is to eat them raw!


Obviously, just eating a few oysters cannot make me full, so I went ahead to order something more substantive. I had shrimps and risotto. The shrimps were huge, very meaty! And the risotto had nothing special to offer. A nice decent dish, but for the price…not so much anymore. I would price for 22$ max for this dish, but guess what was the price? 32$!!! for such a normal flavored dish…


We also ordered bruschetta, which came in late…Despite that, this bruschetta is heavenly! Can you actually believe that? It’s the best bruschetta I’ve ever eaten. I do not know is it because the previous meal was so unimpressive, that this one just totally made it up for me. But I’ve never eaten bruschetta on a spongy/soft bread! It was quite enjoyable.


And to finish our supper, we had oysters as dessert. Fine combination! I never expected to eat oysters this way, but it is such an obvious combination! The light taste of oyster merge with a sorbet with a hint of sparkling wine flavor. Just perfect! It was so light and divine! A must try!

To be fair, Maestro SVP should really be judged for their oysters, i mean it’s their specialty, and the main reason why people go there. No doubt that their oysters are high quality. As for cooked ones, yes they are tasty but I suggest to go for raw instead. And definitely order that oyster dessert!

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