Point G: Did it hit it right?!


I finally got my hands on Point G’s macarons! How can I not be in excitement seeing all these colorful delicacy!


Their packaging is full of cuteness and playfulness! I like it very much! It gives justification to how much I paid for…lol so I can feel better consciously…not really.

The hardest part is to choose the flavors among all of them! I just stared at them blankly and mesmerized but how pretty they all look…sigh. Macarons, why do you drive me so crazy.


Look at these beauties!! Aren’t they stunning?!

Point G really made their macarons in perfect texture! I think so far, their texture is the best. However…the taste is another story…

Fleur d’oranger: Actually did not taste orange. More like floral. a sweet flower. Did not like it very much.

Lime-Basil: It was weird. The fact that the basil was quite strong. I am not used to this.

Pistache Grille: One of the best one I chose probably because I am more used to this flavor. I can taste the richness of the pistachio.

Choco-passion: Very chocolate.

Choco-sesame: Even more chocolate. not for me

One was sort of have tip “burnt” over, which i completely forgot what was the flavor…

Blackcurrant: very fruity and sweet!

Raspberry-rosemary: Tasted similar to blackcurrant

Poppy flower: Very floral! a bit artificial floral taste.

Lychee: MY FAVORITE! This one is a must have!

Although the texture is great, the taste is left something to be desired. Maybe they are just too unique and fancy for me… I think I am more accustomed to traditional flavors. But hey! I am not complaining as they are offering quite varieties and always offering something new to the table that just make me want to try more of their creations!

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