Olive & Gourmando: Cold weather and cold sandwich not a good combo

Olive & Gourmando: Cold weather and cold sandwich not a good combo

To welcome back my friend to his homeland, we decided to go to Olive & Gourmando for brunch. Plus, I have always wanted to return since I had such a good experience with their Cubain sandwich.

First thing first. Coffee was a must for my attendees to feel awake.


Sadly, my opinion differs from my mom, who thinks the coffee was extraordinary. I must have been spoiled by my work’s coffee machine… Although, I do agree it was pretty to look at!


#24 Salad

Paying 16$ for this salad was well worth it. Totally refreshing! It may look little, but it was quite filling since there were soba noodles. The sauce was the winning point of the salad. Being sweet and sour, it simply made the salad so appetizing.


Poached egg on your face panini

This panini was pure goodness. I simply wished it was actually my order. It came hot. The cheese was goey. The tomatoes were juicy. Any stomach would be happy to receive this panini to start the day!


My illogical brain told me that I should get the Cajun chicken sandwich to compensate the cold weather. Yes. Cold against cold. The results were obvious. I did not enjoy it much. I desperately wished that it came hot. Then, I think it would become a wonderful sandwich. Although some would say that it shouldn’t be good if it’s served hot as it has avocado. Well, simply toast the bread and then add the fillings!

And of course, with the charming pastries greeting you at the entrance, it was almost impossible not to order any…


Pumpkin cupcake. It was fine, but I wouldn’t have any additional ones. Tasted it, move on.


Same here. Apple muffin. I can walk away…


I have yet tried a tasty pastry at Olive & Gourmando. Better luck next time!

I really think Olive & Gourmando make amazing hot paninis and salad. And I still think summertime it’s a a better time to go with their opened windows.

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