Kazumi Sushi Lounge: First half, good. Second half, all gone bad.

Kazumi Sushi Lounge: First half, good. Second half, all gone bad.

Kazumi Sushi Lounge is situated in the east of Montreal. We actually took an extra mile to travel all the way there hoping for great sushi. Why? My mom saw some amazing pictures and thought it would an unforgettable experience.

It started nicely and it changed its course half way through.

We had the omakase, which consists of 6 services upon chef’s choices. The waitress told us it would be the most popular dishes. Ummm… I totally forget to tell her my preference in sushi…Since “popular dishes” usually mean what their clientele ordered the most, I don’t think I belong to their targeted clientele.



The miso soup was a great surprise. It had generous portions of seafoods such as scallop, salmon and shrimps. Not the usual tradional miso soup, but I really liked it. It was just perfect for the cold weather. It could even be one of the top miso soups I had.


This octopus salad was splendid as well! The dressing was nice at first, but near the end of the dish, the sourness was a bit too overwhelming.


This semi raw salmon was delicious as well. Swimming in a sweet and sour liquid very similar to the salad dressing, the salmon were slightly blazed on the top; this technique of cooking did not add much to the taste.


These tartar served on a deep fried Japanese mint leaf were spectacular for presentation, but it was rather difficult to eat it without having the tartar falling all over the place. I think I would have liked this more if the tartar was served alone without the deep fried leaf. The fried leaf did not taste freshly fried. It seemed like it was fried for a while and it soaked so much oil that once eaten, the oil was still caught on the tongue and the throat.


Deceived a bit, we were served something that seemed to be light. Wrong. The shrimp tempura was taking over the whole maki flavor. The grease was so strong that the rice that was wrapping around it couldn’t even compensate it.


To end it all, we had another fried dish. My mom did not even bother to touch it. I took a bite…and afterwards, I had to take out all the fried part and ate what was suppose to be the filling… But even then, I couldn’t handle it anymore. There were bits of fried tempura bits in the filling as well.

Maybe their clientele loves fried sushi. I am very difficult with fried food, especially with sushi. So far, I have only tried one fried sushi that I actually liked which was from Kanda (go figure…it was so good I ate the whole roll).

For me to accept fried food, the grease should not clog my throat. And Kazumi’s sushi did exactly that. It could be my fault that I did not warn the waitress that I do not specifically enjoy fried sushi, but I should expect that whatever they decide to serve should be nicely good.

I don’t think I will be returning to Kazumi, especially it’s not around my area. With what I have paid for this omakase, I rather paid 10$ more and go to Park restaurant.

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  • kazumi says:

    Hi Zuuchini, thank you for making a comment on our site. I am so sorry for your bad experience at Kazumi. since it’s a tasting menu, and especially it was your first time. we don’t know your taste therefore you should have told our waiter that you dont like fried or tempura or any other special request. our waiters will make note for the chefs. we always try to do our best to sastify our customers. Again thank you very much. Kazumi.

    • zuuchini says:

      Hi Kazumi, I do admit I should have specified that I don’t especially like fried sushis. But when it’s nicely excecuted, I actually do like them very nice. I have taken note that I’ll make sure to tell the waiters whenever I’ll order the tasting menu again. Thanks for your comment!

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