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Paulo & Suzanne: Most successful irregular poutine!

I think Paulo & Suzanne has already established quite a name locally. It’s known for opening 24hrs. Perfect for those that need a late night meal. Surprisingly, it’s not like the other 24hrs restaurant where they offer you crappy food, Paulo & Suzanne actually delivers good quality fast food.

Once entered, we see served from the counter / eat at the counter style! The staff there are super friendly. I even scrutinised every corner to see the cleanness of the kitchen. Quite impressive, i tell you.
So how does the food go?
Obviously, I ordered a poutine. BUT, not the regular poutine. Surprised eh?! (as those who don’t know, I usually like my poutine the traditional way…). I actually ordered their special HUGE poutine!
Philly Bomb Poutine
Look at the picture! Look at all the steam! Look at the fancy bowl it is served in! (it looks like those asian fancy noodles bowl) This poutine has philly steak, green and red pepper, onions Italien sausage. All goodness! I was so pleased with this poutine. The fries were not soggy at all. I was expecting it to be since i saw all that sauce on top of my fries. But nope! Crispiness of the fries are well maintained. 
This is officially my first irregular poutine that I actually am satisfied with!
Mr.Butter ordered…
You can’t really see with all those fries covered right? Let’s try again!
Ultime Burger
According to Mr.Butter’s expert taste buds for burgers, he said that the burger is placing 2nd to 3rd on his list! That’s a big claim there! Although the burger was nothing fancy, he said the simplicity of the burger makes him remind of the good old days of burger or even home made burger. So go figure, this burger evaluation is highly biased with memories. lol.
Verdict? Paulo & Suzanne, I love your poutine! But sorry, Benny’s is still top of my league in poutine!
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