Rayan – A great discovery of seafood restaurant!

My sis brought me to Rayan a while ago…and to my surprise, it’s nothing like I expected? How can I explain it… It’s almost like a “seafood market”, you choose what you want, tell them how to cook it, and then they bring it to your table!

How it works really, it’s simple. You go to the end of the restaurant, which really looks more like a cafeteria. Over there, all sorts of seafood are displayed! And you choose what you want and how much you want! They weigh the chosen seafood and price it at the market rate. Pretty reasonable right? Then, they ask you do you want it fried, grilled, or steamed. I simply ask them what is the best way to eat each of my chosen seafood! They then give you a number and you go grab a seat and food will be delivered to your table! Simple like that!

Oh and hint…if you are nice enough to the cashier lady…and pay cash. No taxes will be charged 🙂

All of these costed under 100$ for 4 people. And i tell you..it’s more than enough for us. And they were GOOOOD!

We had fried calamari and fried fish ( i forgot what kind of fish). The fried calamari is a MUST to order! They are perfectly, yes really PERFECTLY, fried! I might say just as good as Marven’s fried calamari if not better! Not burnt nor soggy! The fried fish was good as well! But i think i got overwhelmed by the amount we ordered…

We had their signature fries as well! Although it’s nothing that much out of ordinary. They were still good fries! And again, super well fried! I think they should make poutine out of these fries….I think I’ll just bring my own gravy next time, haha.

I think ordering a salad is very crucial especially when you are having so many fried seafood! The salad was fresh, but again nothing spectacular.

I was overly excited to try their grilled octopus – because I am a fan of octopus and still am searching the perfectly grilled octopus dish. However…the pieces were a bit too tiny to  enjoy fully the texture/taste of the octopus. I found certain pieces are way too burnt to enjoy wholly. Also, the flavor was lacking… Totally disappointed.

Look at these shrimps! A good size! I really like the spices on the shrimps.

Overall, I think they serve really good seafood, especially fried ones! I would really go back for their fried calamari and try other seafood! I am curious about their rice as well. Every table there ordered one!

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