Satay Brothers: My 3rd attempt

Yes, it took me three visits before I get to eat at Satay Brothers. First time, it was during spring before they moved back to the market, full house. Second time, everything was sold out. And I told myself, if my third visit can’t make it, I will totally give up!

But yay, that didn’t happen!

One thing I dislike about Satay Brothers is their attitude “I’m all that”. I felt like I should feel so fortunate to taste their food. If I walked away, they wouldn’t care at all.

Anyways, service could be ignored if food was fantastically and absurdly delicious. But…


The famous satay. We had beef.

My comments? Taste like ordinary brochette with a layered glaze that was tasteless. The sauce that came with it did not add any punch either. I was there clueless and wondering what is the line up all about?

Another thing. I found it a bit pricey 6$ for 3 satay.


Papaya salad.

This one I loved! Very addictive because I have a soft spot for fresh dishes. And this salad is exactly that. I loved how they weren’t afraid to spice it up a notch either! I could eat this in larger portion as a whole meal!



Laksa Lemak

The broth was spicy coconut goodness! But in reality, all I tasted was spiciness! It’s not that I didn’t like that, but laksa lemak is suppose to be very heavy in coconut and curry, and this laksa lemak was missing those.

And their noodles, same with those served in dim sum places when you ordered a soup base noodles, were cut into short length. For a noodle lover, I love my noodles long, so I can slurp! But I wouldn’t blame Satay Brothers to cut them as these types of noodles they chose to serve are very slippery, hence very messy!

The meat content in the noodles was little and they weren’t any good to talk about.

Gado Gado offers a much better version of Laksa Lemak. (where I can really call coconut curry noodles!)

Also worth mentioning, although named differently, Paris Pho serves an identical noodle soup concept as this one for more bang for the buck.


Kueh Salat

I have a weakness for sticky rice desserts. So, although this kueh salat was a bit bland, I still enjoyed it fully because of the sticky rice texture. I wished the coconut flavor could be more present.

So there you have it! Satay Brothers serve expensive food for the volume you are getting back. And it’s not even justified by their service nor their decor, nor their location.

Hype needs to die down.

There are better alternatives that deserve this kind of recognition.


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