Vegan rapide – My first vegan restaurant

Vegan rapide – My first vegan restaurant

(Technically not my first. My first would be Copper Branch).

Even since I began vegan (or plant-based), I usually just find a dish from the menu that can accommodate my choices – it was never about choosing a vegan restaurant. Mr.Butter has been very supportive and always looks out for me. We were running errands around NDG and it was taking longer than we thought. It was already 3pm and we didn’t even eat yet! And voila, Vegan Rapide was conveniently placed in front of us! Mr.Butter said “Let’s check it out!”

We did and no regrets! This place, although small, had quite some traffic even at 3pm! I was surprised! At this hour, it was only running by 1 staff, the daughter of the owner. She was such a sweetie!

I wanted the pizza – but it was already sold out! Such a bummer. Therefore, the daughter suggested their bestsellers, and I opted for Buddha sandwich. Mr.Butter had the classic burger (so classic of him as well).

While we waited for our meal, many people came and order poutine. It is noted – their poutine is popular. I also noticed that there was a soft ice cream machine. The daughter then explained that the ice cream is made out of tapioca starch! Interesting!

Classic Burger

Served in a pita bread (not sure if it is because they ran out of normal burger bun or that is how they usually serve it), the burger was very tasty. The tofu patty was well seasoned. It helps that there were many hot sauces available! Mr.Butter was enjoying every bite. It looked small at first, but it filled Mr.Butter quite a bit.


Buddha Sandwich

The Buddha sandwich came with grilled seitan. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of seitan – still at the acquiring stage. But the mix of spinach,a vocado and green onions washed it off very easily. I especially liked the coleslaw, minimalistic but solidly good.

My experience was pleasant and I’ll come back to try their pizza! This place is not suited for big groups. At most, 4 people. Just a quick place to eat and go.
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