Mon Ami – It is in Brossad now!

Mon Ami caught a virus and it is spreading everywhere. The crowd is joyful and now can have their fried chicken craving satisfied at their nearest neighborhood – no more crazy drive to Monkland (shudders just thinking about Decarie and all the recent configuration around there).

For the first month after its opening, Mon Ami (Brossard) was packed. The parking lot did not have enough spots to accommodate the number of customers. Fortunately, it is next to a residential area, so parking can be found easily. Every time we drove by, we saw a line up so it discouraged us to join the crowd. One day, we decided to go early, at 5pm on a Saturday and there were only a few tables left and within 30 minutes, all seats were taken and a line formed right away. It was crazy.

The ultimate question is…Did I cheat to have a taste of their friend chicken? (Yes readers, I have become a vegan since June 2017 – although I do permit myself to cheat occasionally, mainly dairy because they are hidden everywhere.) Nope. I did not feel like it. So I ordered a kimchi stew (mind you there was some seafood in it, insignificant traces, but I usually give it to Mr.Butter). And Mr.Butter wanted to try what else Mon Ami has to offer in terms of chicken dishes, so he had chicken and cheese.

What a letdown. I have never tasted such a bland kimchi stew in my life.  It was so watery with barely any flavors, like water down pepper paste. Some say “well what did you expect? Mon ami is known for their fried chicken!” Well, why would they serve other stuff in the menu? And first and foremost, I did not know kimchi stew can fail! Now I know better…

As for the cheese chicken, it looked so “normal”. It was simply pepper paste chicken and poor load of cheese on top of it. Nothing eye opening. The chicken was not even battered and deep fried. It didn’t look appetizing either. I would think I would be tempted to try. No urge at all. Mr.Butter said “it’s okay”.

I personally find Mon Ami (main branch on Somerled) serving better food than this. Overhyped for all these new locations? Perhaps. I will not be going back anytime soon at the Brossard location.

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