La Banquise: even if it is the third time…

I just don’t understand. Why is La Banquise’s poutine so popular? I can name 2 other places right off the bat that serve much better poutine than La Banquise. This is the third time I come to try La Banquise and it hasn’t fascinated me once.

The only reason I can come up with is that it opens 24hrs and one of the first (if not, the first) to come up with more than one type of poutines. Therefore, it has the first mover effect.

La Mart

La Mart

The fries are so normal. Totally comparable to La Belle Province. Alright, maybe a grade better, just because it’s not as greasy as La Belle Province. Now, the sauce. So mediocre. The cheese isn’t even squeaky. Boo. and all those fancy toppings do nothing to make it better.

It is NOT the best poutine in Quebec. NO. N-O.


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  • Sara says:

    Agree! La Banquise sucks. Believe it or not, Costco’s far cheaper poutine tastes 10X better. And Costco does not have the best poutine.

  • zuuchini says:

    I think we just blew away La Banquise far away from the best poutine list! Where is your favorite poutine?

  • Sara says:

    I am not really a poutine ”connoisseur”. I’ve had the foie gras poutine (with the creamy sauce and the duck fat fries) twice and both times found it too salty.

    Besides that, I like the one from Chez Claudette (on Laurier street). Ate there when I was younger as it was next to our house. And then, I’ve tried the usual ones from bad to worse: Costo, Belle Provine, Mikes (worse ever), Rotisserie St-Hubert (worse ever), McDonalds (worse ever)…

    That was many years ago. In the last year and a half or so I’ve gone almost completely gluten free and dairy free, and fried-oily food free for health reasons so I sure would not be able to gobble any of these down without getting sick….!

  • Sara says:

    Ooops! Forgot to mention the ”poutine au porc effiloché” from Frite Alors. Pretty solid one!

  • zuuchini says:

    To be honest, McDonald’s poutine is actually pretty good. Maybe it;s because their perfect fries just make it edible… I think I have to steer away from poutine with foie gras…double killer.

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