Abu Elias – A little joint for non typical sandwich!

I was introduced to this …I don’t even know does it even considered a restaurant, mainly because people don’t usually eat there. They order and take it and go! Let’s say it’s a joint for take out! Like I was saying, I was introduced to Abu Elias while watching Andrew Zimmer Bizarre foods – which is also very close to Mr.Butter’s dwelling!
I was so intrigued by their menu (Lamb brain, anyone?!) which is why I paid there a visit.
Once I entered into the joint, I was just confused how does it work. Their layout is very unclear especially for someone’s first time! There was no one to tell us where to go to order. I was just…confused. We waited in line, and people passing in front of us like we were invisible…
hmm….if I wasn’t that curious about their food, I would have definitely leave the place…
Let’s put service aside because we all know that places like this do not offer good service but good food instead!
I thought I would be brave enough to order the lamb brain (ok, to be honest, i forgot if it’s really a lamb brain or some kind of brain). Since the service was not friendly at all and in confusion of everything, I sort of chicken out to try it. Maybe next time! (especially now that I know how everything works inside the joint!)
I instead ordered something very safe and not adventurous at all! Lamb sandwich!  (euh ok…I don’t know why they  would call it that, i was so confused when i was looking at the menu! why would it be called sandwich!! so misleading!)
Lamb sandwich
Chicken sandwich (if remembered correctly)

The lamb sandwich was very tasty! It looks small but it can be filling – not to the point where your tummy explodes, but a good 80% fullness. There’s really not anything I wasn’t satisfied. Everything is so satisfying. The lamb meat was nicely cook – zero chewiness. And oooh the charcoal taste…so goood. Mr.Butter ordered the chicken sandwich, and let me tell you now, order the lamb sandwich instead. LOL! The chicken was nothing like the lamb one. Just too blend. The richness of the lamb really makes it memorable. So skip the chicken, and have the lamb instead!

Next time, I shall try their lamb rice and even the BRAAAINS!!

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  • Visitor says:

    Simply order from the cashier directly then take your receipt to the man on the Bbq or to the one behind heated food buffet. 🙂

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