Breakfast club: What’s the big fuss?

I think I may have over referenced Breakfast Club in my restaurant reviews but never had a proper review about it…How ironic.

SO. What’s the big fuss about Breakfast Club that made it remained in top position for breakfast all these years in my list?

Their freaking waffles. Yes. Waffles.

Their waffles are executed in perfection. Just how waffles should be! Crisp but not too crisp that it’s hardened. Soft in the interior once bitten but not soggy.

Mhm. That’s how I want my waffles to be.

Here’s an example…this day, I paired my waffles with multiples of fruits, but my favorite it’s to pair my waffles with strawberry, banana and chocolate chip!



I really like how they pair it with more “exotic” fruits, like FIG! I love figs…

Other than their amazing waffles, what else do they offer? They serve a big variety of breakfast choices. Most would be satisfied. In the past, I usually tried something new off their menu and hadn’t had anything that I wasn’t satisfied with (although some were less successful than others, but in general, I was very content with their food). However, after years, I just couldn’t resist their waffles anymore. Now, I have to always order them.

Here’s a dish other than waffles..


The omelette was just your typical omelette from other breakfast places. Nothing note worthy.

But what is worthy to mention is that they serve AMAZING FRIES. Yes they do! Just like the ones McDonald’s serves but less chemically modified. And, Breakfast Club serves mussels as well, which in the past used to be one of my favorite dishes to order, however I haven’t kept up with their mussels lately to claim if it’s still as good.

And another mention, you could ask for their pizza menu, which is the menu from the other side of the restaurant. Their pizza is cooked in the stone oven and the crust is very thin. I find them very good as well.

Is Breakfast Club for you? Most people I went with are pleased with their food. Therefore, very likely yes!

P.S. I love how we can freely take their magazine to read as well. They are tons of fashion magazine and they are recent issues too. BONUS!


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