Decca77: Complete 180 degree experience

Decca77:  Complete 180 degree experience

I had wanted Mr.Butter to try Decca77 ever since my first visit. I had such a memorable experience. So, what better time than now! Decca77 is part of Le Chop event, offering a set menu at affordable price.

To start off the night, we had some cocktails.


Apple Krisp


Old Fashioned

While we were taking our time enjoying the moment, the waiter kindly asked us when should they started service the first course. We told them that we would be taking our time and had the whole evening. And they kindly accommodated us and timed the meal perfectly! I was so impressed with their service all evening – exactly how my first visit was!


Jeruselum artichoke milk, chestnuts and mushroom

I am a huge fan of chestnut so when I saw this on the menu, I immediately picked it even if I did not have the slightest of what to expect as I didn’t know what was Jeruselum artichoke milk.

To my surprise, it was actually a very foamy soup. Actually too foamy for my liking. It tasted something like very foamy root taste. I couldn’t taste the chestnut at all. All in all, I didn’t enjoy at all.


Beef marrow salad with a balsmic reduction and crispy croutons and fresh lobster

The presentation of this dish was very pretty. But there was suppose to beef marrow. I saw the bone, but there was no marrow. I wondered where did it go? The lobster was fresh indeed but felt like it was just an added ingredient to the dish, just to have lobster. There wasn’t without much harmony.


Braised beef macreuse, root vegetables and lentils

The braised beef tasted so common. Sure it was tender, but I felt it didn’t have much wow factor. The lentils tasted even more common like something out of my kitchen.


Duck magret parsnip, candied apples, cranberries and ginger juice. And pan seared foie gras.

This was my favorite dish of the night which of course has to be Mr.Butter’s. It would be my first time to be asked how cooked we want the duck to be. I never had duck in thick cut and this tender before! It was like eating duck flavored steak! I had mixed feeling with foie gras – sometimes I like it and sometimes I hate it. And guess what? I love the foie gras here! It was probably the lighter taste. Cutting a piece of the foie gras and putting it on top of the duck, it was just heavenly smooth in the mouth!

Sadly, the duck and the foie gras were so tiny.


Opera cake with butterscotch ice cream

I don’t remember trying the cake. Somehow…by looking at it, I think Costco’s opera cake taste better.


Crunchy almond bar, chocolate “cremeux”, chestnuts and dark cacao tile.

See! I had to pick this because it got chestnuts! Once again, I couldn’t taste it…This dessert was like a mousse cake in a container. Simple, but wasn’t the ultimate touch to finish the night.

To compare with my first visit, this was a complete disappointment in the food department. Maybe I did not select the right things on the menu, or maybe it was for the event, so they weren’t showcasing the best dishes either at that price level. But one thing that I would not deny. I still had a wonderful dinner because their staff are genuinely professional and attentive. I had a bit too much of drinks that I dropped my utensil 3 times on the floor. Every time, the waiter replaced it swiftly! And…I even had to pour over my glass of water…Without remarks, the waiter gladly took care of the matter. I am so thankful for their superb service.

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