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Happening Gourmand: Modavie

Modavie is one of the restaurant in Happening Gourmand. Its main attraction is that it plays live Jazz music – which is a total disappointment for me because I did not see any live band playing, but only heard jazz music playing from the speaker. It could be that the live band is played on the 2nd floor while I was sitting on the ground floor.

The bread was warm and delicious – just like Premiere Moisson.
Beef Carpaccio, truffle oil
I love my raw meet! therefore choosing this dish was a must. If we look at their usual menu, this dish would cost already 9$ ( although the portion may vary?). The beef was fresh but I think the truffle oil was making it taste bitter, which I am not very fond of. Wish they would simply put lemon drops on the beef instead, or simply something non-bitter.
Striped bass, agrodolce sauce
It came with vegetables (more like ratatouille style) and very light risotto. The ratatouille was very mediocre – something very easily reproduced at home. The risotto was good, perfect for those that cannot handle rich risotto. And then the bass. I think the bass could be handled better. It’s not the best way to cook bass. Grilled or even seared would be the best way to enjoy a bass. But i guess it’s because the meat is so flat that they did not use that way to cook it. Not saying the fish was bad…I just wish they would do something better so my tastebuds would go a bit more excited.
Fine. This tiramisu tasted very good actually. No complaint here. BUT, I was eating at Modavie right? I should expect some kind of nice dish presentation, right? But look at the plate! It’s just a puny cake with some kind of chocolate powder all over the dish. 0 plate presentation. Anyways…these are details. 
I don’t think Modavie is a restaurant I would revisit again. The staff wasn’t friendly – sort of had an attitude. Their plate presentation was very weak (my friend had a large piece of fish skin on the side of her plate when given to her). 
Agreed. their food was not horrible. But for this kind of money, you can get something much better.
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