Happening Gourmand: Taverne Gaspar

Taverne Gaspar was voted by the majority this year as the restaurant to try. (although Verses was my first choice…no one seemed interested as we already tried last year).

Just let me get right into the drinks and food as I don’t have much to say about the service and environment as they are all mediocre.
I would show different kind of drinks and food we ordered. After introducing all the items from one category, I would draw a general conclusion on which one to order.

Old Fashioned
Maker’s Mark, sugar, Fee’s Brothers, Cherry Bitters 
Perle Noire
Sailor Jerry, Ginger syrup, Lime, soda
I chose this as the ingredients were similar to a Dark & Stormy – I am still in the search of the amazing Dark & Stormy I tasted at Blizzart. It was sour and sweet. Not bad…but I wouldn’t order it again.

I forgot what my friend had but it wasn’t something on the cocktails menu. It tasted incredibly sweet – like candy in liquid form. For now, just enjoy the picture 🙂
Not quite there…It was bitter. Although, who am I to judge, I never had an appletini if I remembered correctly…
Bellini a la mangue
Did not like this one. But I can’t remember what it tasted like. I just remembered it was more in the bitter side.
From all the drinks we ordered, I would suggest the Perle Noire if you like sour and sweet drinks.
Beet carpaccio, Arugula, Parmesan Shavings
According to my very picky friend, this entree was up to par. I did not taste it, I cannot add more. But usually, we agree on food.
Onion soup with bone marrow
I did not order but it seriously looked real delicious. With all the cheese and onions! I could tell my friends really enjoyed it!
Warm tomato tart, goat cheese
This entree was surprisingly good. The tart was just warm enough. Very soft and is layered as like a croissant. 
Raw oysters
They were selling their oysters for 2$ each while if we ordered with the table d’hote, 6$ is added to the price. For my entree, I opted for raw oysters as none of the offerings interest me. If you look at the left most oyster, IT WAS SO TIIIIINY! Other than that one, the others were in decent size. They were fresh. 3 types of dips were served with the dish. 2 types of vinegar, which I like none of it. and then lemon, which I normally use. 
Worth the extra 6$? Hmmm…no regrets, I would put it.
But I would suggest to try the onion soup or the tomato tart in all of the entrees.
BBQ Bourbon burger, bacon, french fries, coleslaw
Mr.Butter found the burger not bad. I had a bite and I would to say the same if not worse. We had better burger… I would suggest to skip this. Le Fumoir and Le Gros Jambon have much better hamburger… Mr.Butter agreed with my statement as well afterwards. kekeke
Roasted salmon, lentils from le puy, sauce vierge
According to my friend, she said the salmon was quite tasty! I did not have any of it, so I could not comment. 
Baby back ribs, Jim bean BBQ sauce, french fries, cole slaw
To my surprise, they gave a very generous amount of baby back ribs! I thought for the Happening Gourmand menu, they would chop off the amount. But not at all! They were perfect cooked. Not to the point that the meat falls right off the bone (to the point they don’t give you a chance to bite), and not to the point where you have to use your teeth and tear it off like no tomorrow. Just perfectly cooked!! But I would have to say that Le Fumoir bbq sauce is so muuuuch tastier than this one!
Rosemary braised lamb shank, potato fondant, braising juice
What a disappointment! and I was looking forward to this dish! The lamb was way too light. Tasted like it was used in a soup already that all the flavor has been flushed away. Just boring and bland. 
In all the dishes we ordered, I recommend the ribs – the other dishes were merely passable…
Pudding Chomeur, Caramel ice cream
To avoid if you cannot handle overly sweet dessert. This pudding chomeur can become quite heavy to take in. But delicious if taken one scoop only.
Fine Quebec cheese platter
This plate needs 4$ more. I did not try it but my friend seemed to enjoy the rich flavor of the cheese after the deception of the lamb.
Molten dark chocolate cake, pistachio creme anglaise
Ok, when I read the description, I imagined this incredible image of a molten dark chocolate with melting chocolate and pistachio inside. Well guess what? It’s nothing like that. You see the liquid stuff? It’s the PISTACHIO! OMG seriously? They put that tiny sauce that you can barely taste anything pistachio?! Why even bother to add it in the description. Might as well add raspberry to the description too then! But aside from the pistachio frustration, the cake was quite pleasant. It was just so misleading the description…
From the desserts, I would suggest the chocolate cake. 
Is a Taverne Gaspar a must try? Not really. It is a good time to go if it’s on your restaurant wishlist to benefit from the great discount.
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