Lancome Hypose Doll Eyes Mascara

Another Lancome mascara review! Funny thing is I keep receiving Lancome mascara as a gift. I never bought one as I find the price tag is too hefty.



Like other Lancome mascara, Hypose Doll Eyes mascara has a very strong floral scent, which really bothers me. The scent does not transferred to my lashes, but it’s simply unpleasant to smell it whenever I applied it on my lashes.

It is smudged proof (I’m not sure if mine is waterproof as the gift was given without the box).

I quite like the shape of the applicator. The cone-shaped brush allowed all of my short lashes a chance for uplifting effects, even hard to reach ones! It is definitely a very good mascara for bottom lashes as well!

The only thing that I didn’t like is that my lashes get easily clumpy. I am able to achieve to defined lashes look if I am more careful to not coat too many times. But then again, my lashes wouldn’t look volumized enough.

Will I repurchase? No…because it isn’t better than drugstore mascaras.



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  • sara says:

    So random but you should try the Diorshow mascara base (white tube). It makes pretty much every mascara look like the best ever and waterproof and keeps the curl forever.

    Best purchase ever. I actually initially bought it cause it prevents lash falls and keeps them strong. But it does even better!

    • zuuchini says:

      Hey sara! I actually loved Diorshow mascara, so I wouldn’t doubt at all that their mascara base is fantastic! 🙂 I should give it a go, once Sephora offers that yearly 20% off…it should be happening soon!

  • Richelle says:

    I have a Dior mascara but I forgot the name of it. It might’ve been Diorshow…that’ll give you an idea of how often I use mascara.

    The packaging is really nice but I do agree having a scented mascara is a little weird. It’d probably irritate my eye as my putting it on.

    • zuuchini says:

      How could you not use mascara often? You must be blessed with fluttery lashes!

      I never experienced any irritation from their mascara… but it’s funny how they felt it’s necessary to put perfume into the mascara.

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