Le Cheese: A little prep hiking needed

Le Cheese: A little prep hiking needed

For the actual celebration of Mr.Butter’s birthday, I had planned a little hike on Mount-Royal to prepare us our evening’s destination…


Yes, this is it! Le Cheese. It was on Mr.Butter’s wishlist for about 2 years now. We had tried to find their food truck, but never succeeded. The menu is simple and we easily ordered 80% of the menu.


Misunderstood their menu description, I thought this Philly cheese steak sandwich would be served like a grilled cheese. No worries, it was delicious although the structure of the sandwich could be improved. The fillings and sauce were dripping everywhere. Some like it messy, but I like it clean. I could only imagine how much more amazing it would be in a grilled cheese!

The tater tots were great. I expected them to be greasy. Surprisingly, I couldn’t taste the excessive oil. Definitely, one of the best tater tots so far. However, it’s not in the must list to order.


The mac n cheese was well balanced. It was not the typical mac n cheese where it would be overly cheesy. So those that expect it to be that way will be disappointed. But because of this factor, it was very addictive and not heavy at all. I loved the little bits of green peas here and there. The macaroni was al dente, unlike some mac n cheese which I found too mushy.


The staaaar has come to the table! This Poutine grilled cheese was the bomb. It was heavy but the satisfying kind. I didn’t feel disgusted and only felt eating more. The toast was crisp and able to hold the filling without fault.

The tomato soup was nothing out of the ordinary but suited the meal so well, very comforting. I felt like a 5 years old.


And behold, I just hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Mr.Butter wanted to try Trou de Beigne and there it was, served at Le Cheese. This Maple Bacon donut was entirely enjoyed by Mr.Butter. He said it was like Krispy Kreme but better. On the other hand, I felt the dough was too squishy and soft, but not fluffy like a bread. I personally found Leche Desserts does them better.

I fully enjoyed my Le Cheese experience. I can’t wait to go back. If their food truck has the same pricing, it’ll be the first food truck where the food is worth every dollar.

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