Leche Desserts: Where can you have your best donut?

Leche Desserts: Where can you have your best donut?

As a kid, my first doughnut was from Dunkin Donuts. Then, they disappeared from the Montreal scene. Afterwards, I had my doughnuts either at Tim Hortons or Krispy Kreme. But neither of them gave the same sensation as Leche Desserts. Once you have Leche Desserts doughnuts, you just can’t go back to ordinary ones.

Leche Desserts make many unique flavors. I was sad that pistachio wasn’t available. There shall be another time! Regardless of the flavors, what’s remarkable about their doughnuts is the texture of the fried dough. Think of a edible fluffy pillow, not too fluffy where it cannot support the weight of the head. Firm but comforting, it allows the head to sink in a bit.


Some flavors were better than others, my favorite one from this batch was Coconut and Lime (or the passion fruit one). The sweetness is just right. I would eat a whole without finding it sweet and can easily have a second one. Even my mom who is incredibly sensitive to sugar and very discipline with calorie intake enjoyed these doughnuts and couldn’t stop herself to have a second serving!


I’m so glad Leche Desserts isn’t that accessible to me, or I’ll be stuffing my face with doughnuts during this tax season.

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